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Genre: Management, Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 3+ :: Released: 02/7/08

Monopoly Tycoon 2008 Review

Publisher: EA :: Developer: EA Mobile


Game Features


4 players
4 modes
Lots of management information


Average sound
Can get a bit repetitive one player

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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2.5 hours
Game Progress Finished each mode a couple of times and even won some.

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 03/7/08

The updated version of the 2007 game

Monopoly Tycoon 2008 is the sequel to Monopoly Tycoon 2007. Why am I telling you this obvious piece of advice? Well, because someone seems to have read our review and fixed the niggly points of the game.

Read our review first as the game hasn't changed all that much. The objective is still to build and manage businesses and make as much money as you can. This time around you can have up to 4 players instead of always playing against the AI. The game is a whole lot more fun and now is pretty useful for those long car or plane journeys (when are airlines gonna learn that a Plane Safe mode means you can play games on the plane!! Are you telling me that planes can be flummoxed by something I bought at Radio Shack?!?!)

Next up is the ability to change the price of your goods. Based on the supply and demand you can change the price of your wares. In the previous version you had to scroll for ages to get a high price, but this time, the prices are much lower to start with and you can use the up and down keys to jump the price by multiples of 10. Combining this with left and right means you can get the price you want in no time.

Final improvement we mentioned would be good in our review is the addition of Chance and Community Chest cards which randomly give you money or require it. This is a nice little touch and adds to the fun.

There are four modes now, and in each case it's usually the player with the highest or specific amount of money that wins. There's a mode to auction all properties and the player with the most value will win. Another to play to £100K, another to £1,000,000 and finally one to see who can get the most monopolies. So plenty to keep you busy.

Oh, although I thought that the improvements based on our review stopped there, there's one more. The AI is no chump. Ok, well maybe one out of the 3 AI players will be a chump, but it's been heavily improved for this version. In auctions and building, it will aim to try and outfox you at every turn.

Sound is still very basic, although the graphics look like they have gotten a lot crisper. Mr Monopoly is stil there in his builders hat and 3 piece suit. One thing that confused me somewhat in this game is the fact that in the previous version, you could see before you built what type of building the demand required. In this version, this seems to come after the building phase so once you have built it you'll have to judge whether it's worth keeping.

What's worth noting however is that in this version there are far more statistics to keep you informed. You can see the market share, cost profit ratio, last price and even plenty of graphs as well. These show sell through per business and per player and you should also check your opponents prices to see if yours are competitive. This management aspect has me harking back to my accountancy roots as you do get a lot of information about how best to run your business.

The choices are all yours though and if you get bored you can skip through this section quickly. Or you can pause to see what the graphs are like. Each turn you get to buy property and manage your existing ones until the objective is complete. You do have to pay careful attention to the supply and demand as setting the price is basically the main part of the game. As with the last one you can upgrade and demolish businesses too.

Overall, if you like Monopoly or Management games you may well like this one. The developers have taken all our advice to heart and changed the game for the better. It works best when there's more than one of you playing and as such, if you play by yourself it can get a little repetitive. But get a group of friends together and it's a whole lot of fun.

Mobile games have moved on and although in terms of graphics and sound this one hasn't that much, the fact that whoever developed it, read our review and implemented our changes gets it a bronze award.