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Genre: Racing/Driving :: Players: 1 :: Released: 22/6/08

Race Driver GRID Review

Developer: Glu


Game Features


Great graphics
Quite a few things to unlock


Racing seems random
AI is all over the place
Can't upgrade cars or spend your cash

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress Unlocked 8 tracks and 2 cars.

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 26/6/08

Nothing like the console version.

Ok, so I haven't played the console version, but I've read the reviews. And from reading the reviews, I know that Race Driver Grid (or RDG as I will now call it) is a high octane game where you increase your reputation, build a team, buy and sell cars and can compete in a 12 player online mode. The mobile version just has the racing. And it doesn't even do that well.

I was a little surprised at first because this is a Glu game and we've always been big fans of theirs (when's AE III coming out people? WHEN?? WHEN??) but then I realised it was developed by a company called Spiced Bits. This is a little bit surprising because a little bit of research revealed that they primarily develop quiz games. But, they do outsource their 3D capabilities and I reckon it's this aspect which they helped Glu out on. Because the game does look nice.

Not drop dead gorgeous, salivating graphics nice (Fishlabs anyone?) but decent enough 3D to certainly look good on my k800i handset. And far better graphics than the screenshots we've got in the animated gif. Stands, track, backgrounds, cars, they all had a great level of detail.

So it's a crying shame that the rest of the game didn't have the same amount of effort put into it. It's always hard when you have a console game to convert to mobile. You gotta decide which bits to keep and which not to. So in that respect some aspects of the game are here. You do start off as a rookie and have to gain enough points and cash to join teams.

But there are no instructions on how to do this, one page of controls and only 2 modes. Career mode is what you would expect, but it starts off really hard. I didn't win a single race for about half an hour. You have points for reputation and cash but you can't seem to spend it to upgrade your car at all. And you will find that the AI is racing past you or knocking you about.

There are only two keys according to the instructions, left and right. They don't mention a brake button which all the lower buttons are. There's no turbo, nitro, speed boosts etc so I have no idea how the speed works. It seems that like in Mario Kart you can catch up the car in front of you but only when you see them on the screen. Racing line, powersliding, nothing seems to help. In fact you can take the corners horribly, basically racing off the track and still come out catching up on people sometimes.

The sheer frustration of the first set of races almost made me throw in the towel. But, as the chief editor (ha ha) I kept at it and managed to come second in a race. Then second again and suddenly I qualified as a pro. Then the races got more bendy and I started to win them. Not easily mind you, but win them nonetheless. Although the AI suddenly crashing around every corner may have had something to do with it. No idea why the sudden change. Oh, and I joined another team and got some money from a sponsor.

These facts still don't make up for the lack of functionality in the game, the seeming lack of skill and the absolute lack of being able to customise and buy and sell cars. In fact, apart from unlocking a few courses and cars to play in the free drive mode I don't see the point. Ok, there are quite a few cars to unlock and quite a few courses to play, but the mechanics of the driving isn't really conducive to skill which is the biggest drawback of the game. Oh, and sound? Well, apart from the tune on the main page, you can forget it. Nothing in game. Shocking!

Yes, it looks great and there are lots of cars, but the actual racing bit doesn't really meet the standards other racing games have set.