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Genre: Casual, Mini Games :: Players: 1 :: Released: 22/6/08

My Happy Planet Review

Developer: Iplay


Game Features


Fun and quirky
Good replay


Missing multiplayer element

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Review Details
Handset Nokia N81 8Gb
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress All golds

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 25/6/08

A crazy mix of mini games that should make everyone happy.

It's been a while but it seems that the mini games are back. I-play's latest offering comes with an environmental angle and hopes to teach us a few facts about saving the planet while shooting corks up cows' bums.

The game starts with a shot of the world with a big sad face. In case nobody's realised, we are choking ourselves to extinction and if we don't teach the little ones about the environment there will be no more mobile games to play (now there's a threat!). As you complete the challenges, the world gets a little happier and by the end you should be left with a happy, green planet.

On to the mini games themselves. There are 8 in total which are gradually unlocked as you progress through the game. The games are on the whole very stupid but very enjoyable. For example, the inevitable cult game, cows in space, lets you fire corks into a cow's orifice. They're big producers of methane don't you know. Others levels include a block breaker clone and some interesting and unique games that are worthy of your time.

I-play have realised the addictive quality of trophy collecting and the game is filled with these. For starters, every game has bronze, silver and gold medals to aim for; there are also additional trophies individual to each level. In their wisdom, they have given descriptions of the requirements so there's no need for second guessing. The games are generally pretty easy and getting the golds shouldn't be too hard, however, the game soon gets faster once you pass gold and becomes quite a challenge.

All the mini games have fairly simple controls. There are few one thumb games but they usually require no more than two or three buttons for each game. The games are generally concerned with reactions rather than finger dexterity so it's only your brain that gets in a twist and not your hands.

The graphics and style of the game are fun, cartoony, bright and enjoyable to watch. You should easily find a game or two that really take your fancy and replay 'til the cows come home. The only thing missing is an overall score and possibly a multiplayer or online high score table. Seeing as this is aimed at a younger crowd, maybe their prepay credits wouldn't stretch.