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Genre: Block Match :: Players: 1 :: Released: 23/6/08

Abracadaball Review

Publisher: Gameloft :: Developer: Gameloft


Game Features


Tons of levels
Easy controls
Highly addictive


Graphics aren't new
No save mid level

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 3.5 hours
Game Progress Level 37

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 24/6/08

More ball popping and matching fun.

It seems that these sorts of games have been done to death. There's a dime a dozen for block matching or ball matching games. But how many of these have been done well? Abracadaball (try saying that after a few pints) certainly has.

You'll recognise the familiar game set up. Pointer. Coloured balls. Match 3 and they pop and disappear. The pointer even has an aiming line on easy mode. But then the similarities end as Gameloft have introduced a plot, end of level bosses and tons of magic.

This is the Hogwarts of ball popping games. These are magic balls, (no jokes please) and therefore you will get certain magical spells sometimes as you keep playing. To keep things more fresh, there are four main characters which you unlock during the course of the game. Each one of them has a special attack based on either earth, wind, fire and water.

As you progress through the levels, the special attacks will become more intense and the great thing about this game is if you reload a level, you can choose who to play it with. So there's certainly plenty of variety.

There's longevity too, as the story mode boasts 66 levels and 9 surroundings. I'm only on the 5th boss and there are 8 levels per boss so I guess I'm a little over halfway through. But with the story mode and the furious gameplay, I'm addicted.

One of the key aspects of my addiction is the colourful magic on show. Every now and again you will get a special ball turn up which does things. Could there be any more innuendo in this review? Anyway, these things will vary from stopping the flow of balls (stop it...), changing their colour, summoning magic and getting a bonus roulette style wheel with several interesting options. As you progress your magic gets upgraded as does your rating.

The improvements in the magic are there for all eyes to see. What starts as somehwat ineffectual eventually becomes invaluable so you are always looking for the magic balls (just like Victoria Beckham). These become especially important during the boss battles where you have to hit them three times before they hit you.

As the story progresses the intrigue increases in line with the addictiveness. Warps and bridges take shape as does the position of your launcher (which can be changed in many levels). Even on easy, some of the latter levels on each section can be reasonably tought, although you shouldn't be in any danger of losing your life. Normal on the other hand...

The colourful graphics and cool sound (the game even has a little bit of speech which, although I can't understand it, sounds impressive) give the game an added flavour, and with the highly addictive nature of the levels and the magic, this is something I'm still playing when I should be playing something else. If you like these sorts of games then this should be on your phone.