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Genre: RPG :: Players: 1 :: Released: 17/1/08

Gothic 3 - The Beginning Review

Publisher: Handy Games ::


Game Features


Engaging plot and characters
Save at any point


Battle system needs a bit of refinement
Game is a little bit too hard

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K800i
Time Played 3 hours
Game Progress Freeing Kilbas, character level 7.

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 17/1/08

Is this the new RPG game to play?

Ever since Zelda (and probably Dungeon Master before that), RPG games have had a certain standard to meet. Solving quests, increasing your stats and defeating the evil characters that are plaguing your land became the norm.

Unfortunately good RPG's on mobile were few and far between, but Gothic 3 has managed to at least capture some of the spirit of days gone by. You play the role of Xardas in this mobile adaptation of the hit PC series. Except this is set way back in the past and serves as a prequel to the games that many of you are familiar with. Xardas is either good and humble or brash and arrogant depending on the responses you pick for him when interacting with characters. And there's a lot of interacting in this game which makes for a welcome change.

All the usual aspects are there, you have to unravel the plot while increasing your skills. In true Final Fantasy fashion you can roam the landscape on your main objective or to try and fulfill any of the numerous side quests in the game, all the while getting attacked randomly by creatures and minions.

Thankfully you don't have to fight them if you don't want to, and you are given the option of engaging them in battle. This is useful too, as right off the bat I found the difficulty level to be pitched quite high. You have to spend a while improving your abilities and get to the stage when you think you can kick some ass.

When you get to this stage you will have to fight bigger creatures and villains and I found you were always a little bit behind the experience curve. This is probably my biggest fault with the game as otherwise it's a lot of fun to play. You can attack with magic or weapons as expected, but the sheer volume of the weapons you pick up / find, is quite impressive. Selling objects is a must, especially as you have a lot of side quests to fulfill.

Once you get good enough you can start to use magic which surprisingly supercedes your weapons. Mana automatically regenerates, but the only drawback is that you have to hold down the action button to charge the spell. The longer you charge the more damage you will do, so it's worth charging at least a bit. Only problem is that once charging you can't move around so you are pretty much a sitting duck.

Battling also needs a little refinement due to the fact that even though depress and hold the centre button (5) to continuously attack your enemy, the actual attack swings occur far less than if you were hitting the button manually. On top of that, it seems that any creatures around will notice you and attack in numbers, so defence sometimes seems a little pointless.

To some the above problems might sound as if the game is poor but far from it. Once you get used to the way the battle system works and compensate for limitations, you will find yourself engrossed in the game. There are a lot of locations to visit (although one main town) and plenty of side quests to keep you busy.

The 2D graphics help due to the sheer volume of characters walking around, and with the addition of sound effects or background music, the game is visually and audibly solid (although no Blades and Magic). Controls are easy to use and the quick slot menu is a really nice touch. Allows easy access to anything you want. Also great is the fact you can save anytime and the game autosaves whenever you enter a building. Brilliant.

The plot zips along at a fair old pace and Xardas' incredulity at the events occurring and him being the chosen one seem old hat. However the humour in the side characters and the overall feel of the game makes it quite a lot of fun to play and intriguing at that.

If they managed to make the game a little easier and sorted out the fighting system, this would receive an ice cold award instead of silver.