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Genre: Action, Movie/TV based :: Players: 1 :: Released: 20/8/07

The Bourne Ultimatum Review

Developer: The Mighty Troglodytes


Game Features


Plenty of levels


Straighforward side scrolling action
Levels are tough at the end
Some characters don't match the film?!?!

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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600
Time Played 1.5 hours
Game Progress Finished game on easy

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 20/8/07

Run, jump, shoot, kill. Some of the many attributes of Mr Bourne.

Warning - This review contains spoilers.

Just wanted to get that out of the way before I get to the game. I saw the film at the weekend and it's a good thing I did, because otherwise I would have had much less to say about the game.

I'm not going to give away the plot of the film, but I will say that there's a lot of action in it. Which mirrors the game. Unfortunately, while the film has Bourne running around like a crazy man doing all sorts of things, the game is a side scrolling action game.

Which is fair enough I suppose except when you realise that it's really only on one level. Okay, two if you count the level where you have to go up a lift every now and again. Okay, okay, maybe 3 for the bike levels where you have to try and avoid the obstacles by moving up or down between the three lanes. But really, that's about it. Because it's side scrolling it has none of the feel of a splinter cell or other action game where you feel as if you're actually going somewhere due to you moving across, up, down and all over the levels. Here, you just proceed from left to right.

You've got to do it quickly as well because there's a time limit to worry about, so don't concentrate on killing everyone, just bust some heads and make a move for the exit. In terms of busting the heads, use the main button repeatedly. That's it, no fancy button combos or anything, just mash mash mash and you will pull out some nice fighting combinations or shoot the weapon you're currently carrying. You can jump as well but this is a tactic only useful to get over the mines on the floor (which you can't shoot btw). Finally, you can duck which I thought may help until I realised that your enemies duck as well and they fire while ducking (as can you).

The enemies come in waves and sometimes they come all at once and other times it's one on one depending on the type of enemy. There are three, guys in suits, guys who shoot and guys who have a riot shield and throw bombs. These are the nasty ones, but it's cool and amusing how Bourne can take out 3 people with one kick. Then again, he is Jason Bourne.

During the levels the plot advances with some still graphics of the main characters, but the smallish sprites meant a lack of detail. And that lack of detail meant some serious confusion on my part. Bourne doesn't really look like Matt Damon, more like Ben Affleck to me, but with blond hair. Pamela Landy (she's in this one too) looks like a 22 year old playmate as oppose to the hard nosed older career woman and don't get me started on Desh. My only explanation for the fact that he looks like Santa Claus (or the programmer at the end of Matrix 2) and not like a young middle eastern character is that the programmers didn't watch the film.

This is more evident by the ending which seemed to bear only a passing resemblance to the actual ending. I'm not going to say anything, well, okay I will, the developers put in a big end fight in the game and this was definitely not the case in the film. Yes, there was a lot of action, but no big face off at the end. And the character of Paz was again nothing like he was in the film. Strange.

Graphics are mediocre but there is some reasonable detail in the backgrounds and sound is just a tune and some vibration every now and again. I played this through on easy and the last few bits were not easy. Spent a while doing the last level as it can get pretty tough. Unfortunately, once finished, and having seen the film, I didn't have the inclination to play through again on normal so I guess the lastability isn't amazing.

This is probably a decent ish game for a quick go here and there if you're bored, but there's nothing overly special about it. Which coincidentally I also thought about the film (and seem to to be the only one, great action, strange camerawork for the fights and where was the plot really gonna go?).