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Genre: Puzzle :: Players: 1 :: Released: 05/7/07

PicoPix Review

Publisher: GlobalFun :: Developer: Runestone Games


Game Features


Really simple idea
Very addictive game
Game saves mid level


Graphics and sound aren't amazing

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600
Time Played 2.5 hours
Game Progress Finished pirate area, 3 levels of space area

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 07/7/07

Somebody tell Runestone to stop making games!!

It seems that there are tons of puzzle games out there in the mobile world. Very few of them however, are any good. Runestone opposes that trend and their previous offerings have had me playing day and night, feverishly trying to figure out how to unlock or complete the puzzle.

Pico Pix is no different. In fact, what impressed me most is the simplicity of the idea and the execution of the game. We've all done it before, used some graph paper at school to colour in squares and create a picture. Well, Pico Pix takes that principle and converts it to a mobile game.

What you have is a grid that hides a picture, but you are only told how many squares are filled in on each column and row. At first glance it kind of looks like a version of a Sudoku puzzle, but you will soon realise that it's pretty different.

To elaborate a little more, you have numbers on the top and left which detail the number of squares filled in and the order. So if you have a row with the numbers 2,5,3 next to it, you know that in that row there are 2 squares filled in, then 5, then 3 but you don't know at which points this is the case. You have to use the other sequences listed to start to fill in some squares that are correct and this should begin to reveal more of the correct combinations.

As they begin to fall into place the picture becomes clearer and on the early levelss you should be able to figure out what they are. If you try and turn or fill in a square that is incorrect, you will lose points from your total. If you get a number of tiles wrong in succession, then the points deducted will increase and if you hit zero then the level is over and you have to start again.

The game is a beautiful concept, and while the pictures may not be the most stunning in the world, it's the figuring out that's the really addictive part. You have a number of different stages to play through and each of them have a theme that the pictures relate to. The first area is the pirate area so once you unveil the pics, you get a funny message that starts with the words Arrggghh!!. Reminded me a little bit of Geoffrey Rush from POTC.

With the pics revealed you get a score that you can try and beat the next time you play the level. I haven't actually tried this yet, but I don't know if the pics for the levels change when you play them again. If they don't then I suppose it will be easier the second time around once you know what the picture is! You can view the pics once unlocked in your gallery.

Graphics are nice but not amazing and the sound is pleasant. One great thing about the game is that you can quit at any time in the level and when you come back to it, you will be exactly where you left off so you won't lose any progress. Another neat touch is that you can mark squares you know that you shouldn't flip with the 3 button.

Games can have flash graphics and sound, lots of action or a name and license, but with gameplay as simple and addictive as this, it proves once again that the mobile market can cater for all tastes. I love this game, and even though I have to move onto other games, I will be sneaking another play every now and again. Highly recommended.