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Genre: Fun :: Players: 1 :: Released: 14/2/07

NOM Review

Publisher: Living Mobile :: Developer: Gamevil


Game Features


Truly innovative gameplay
Online community element


Not that much depth

Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson W810i

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 15/2/07

The man with no nom as they say in France

NOM is a simple man, he runs. He runs because he can and why shouldn't he? Apart from all the blisters and shin splits, running is very good. Not only does he run, he likes to jump. Whether it's hedges, crevices or even the edge of the mobile screen, NOM will jump on it, over it and through it. In fact NOM can do just about anything when needed (he can even pull out a light sabre).

NOM is another one thumb game from Gamevil (the makers of Skipping Stone). Love it or hate (we're still not sure), Skipping Stone was pretty successful and help to herald in a new craze in casual mobile gaming. NOM takes the casual gamer on another helter skelter ride, this time it includes jumping all over the screen.

Controlling NOM is very easy, the guy automatically runs and all that is required is to press 5 whenever there is an obstacle in the way. He will then perform the required leap, punch or kick and continue on his merry run. It is a sideways scrolling game; I wouldn't use the word horizontal though as the guy can run up walls and under ceilings. When NOM reaches the end of the flat ground he leap on to the wall. At this point it is wise to rotate the handset and keep up with the action. It is incredibly good fun to play although a little bewildering for the spectator as you keep turning your phone round and round.

The game has three speed settings and the animation is overall pretty smooth; this is mostly down to the basic graphics within the game. Pressing one button is not the hardest job in the world and the game manages to respond quickly to your commands. It seems Gamevil cannot escape the psychedelic colours and in NOM you are treated to some vivid backgrounds. The game isn't without humour especially towards the end when you suddenly come across your father.

The only trouble with the game is the size of it. There are 10 stages although the first level is a training level and the last is a lap of honour. Once you are accustomed to the changing orientations, the game does become fairly easy and can be completed in 10 minutes. There is an online community (accessed via your phone) where you can find a few hidden tips and tricks but unless it includes extra/hidden levels, then the game might not last too long.

In fact you might be fooled into thinking this is an old game - it certainly has the look and feel of one. Well ten bonus points to you; the game first came out in South Korea back in 2003 and it's taken 4 years to bring it to Europe. If it wasn't for the distribution work of Living Mobile we may never understood why mobile gaming has been so huge in Asia for so many years.

NOM does highlight how versatile the mobile handset is (try quickly rotating your PSP while playing a game) but he just needs a few session down the gym to beef himself up. Maybe NOM 2 will provide the protein boost (the sequel was originally released back in 2005, so only another couple of years until it hits Europe)