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Genre: Racing/Driving :: Players: 1 :: Released: 04/10/06

Tron 2.0 3D Review

Publisher: Living Mobile :: Developer: Living Mobile


Game Features


Stunning graphics
Decent controls


Far far far far far too hard!!

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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen ’s Review

Review Date: 04/10/06

Flynn, Tron, the Master Control Program, it all comes flooding back to me now!!

Tron was one of the coolest films of my generation. It was one of the first films to use computer effects and was a visual masterclass that pushed the boundaries of cinematography and technology. Unfortunately for the game, only half of this is true.

The game is based on the classic Light Cycles from Tron, and if you've never seen it, think about how cool the Matrix looked when it first came out and you might get some idea about the visuals in Tron. They still look great today. So basically it's a riding game where you have to outride your opponent. Imagine a two player game of Snake and that's pretty much it. The light cycles will leave a light trail that you have to avoid and the objective is to stay alive! In addition to the trails, you can pick up power ups which speed up your bike, allow you to break through the barriers and allow you to fire a missile at your opponent.

The game looks fantastic. Nice opening graphics and as part of the story mode there are little cut scenes. These aren't very long at all, but add a really nice feel to the game. In the game itself, the light cycles are beautifully rendered and look exactly like they did in the film. The effects of the trail and barriers you erect are nicely done and the whole game looks very well polished with the background having computer like symbols you can see. The sound isn't bad either, with some nice music (can't remember if it's the same as the film) when you load the game and some more action orientated music in the game. There's also a small tune when you win or crash.

Controls are pretty good, you can use the joystick, D or key pad to control the light cycle. I used the joystick on my phone as I think the keypad would only work if you had very very quick hands. You only really need two keys as there are only two directions to turn to, left and right. These will turn the bike that way, Automan style. The other directions and buttons are for the power ups, press up to activate a speed boost if you have one, press down for the shield and the main button / 5 to fire your weapon. Errmm, I think that's it.

So far so good then. Great graphics, nice sound, easy controls. Then the game gets tricky. And I mean really tricky. The problem with the game is it's just too damn hard. The light cycles fly off and incredible speed on some levels and even though you have a map, the slightest mistake or being even a few millimetres off will cause you to crash into the wall or your own barrier. Flynn and Tron almost had it this hard in the film, but this beats even that! Imagine riding Streethawk on Hyperthrust or riding a speeder bike on the forest of Endor and you may have an idea of how the game plays. I think you'd have to be Jonnhy 5 or Data from Star Trek to be able to cope with the jedi reactions required to ride the light cycle well. And even if you do, your adversary manages to stay alive for a long long time. Basically I got into a pattern where I went the same way at the start of each level to maximise the space around me and didn't even contemplate trying to use the items for a quick win. And doing that still took me a good 40 minutes to get past the first level. The colours of the squares beneath you speed you up or slow you down, but even when travelling on the slower red squares, the view still makes it damn awkward to see what's happening around you.

Lastability could be really good if you manage to develop the reflexes of Bravestarr (how many old film and TV references can I get in one review?) or Jack Burton but I don't think you will. I got to the second arena and after about an hour of attempts to get anywhere I gave up!! There are different levels (with different floor squares hence different scenarios) and there is a survival mode where you can select any of the areas that you've unlocked. You also get to upgrade your cycle after each level, and your tournament progress is auto saved but this all became moot as I couldn't get very far.

I so much wanted to love this game, cool graphics and high speed racing based on a classic film, but I think you'd have to be TRON himself to be able to get anything out of it!