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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 ::

Townsmen Review

Publisher: Handy Games :: Developer: HandyGames


Game Features


Very very addictive
Great to play for a short break
Simple concept done very well


Controls take a bit of getting used to
Initial gameplay can be a bit confusing
If left unattended, the game will end and wipe your saved game!

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 13/5/04

Townsmen wins hands down the award for any sim game on your phone. It takes a little bit of getting used to but once you've figured out what's going on, the gameplay is addictive and you'll be playing it for ages. Brilliant game.

Sim City, Populous, Megalomania (" a wanna be on a my team??"). Maybe even Dune. Games where you control things and get to be a god. Nowadays, the SIMS has walked away with the title, but there are a few games like this cropping up for your mobile phone. Townsmen is one of these types of games.""The objective of Townsmen is to create and control a little town. As with most of these types of games, the game works by having men to build things and then selling things you have built. Assign men to buildings and watch as your resources stockpile which you can then sell on in the marketplace. It's not all plain sailing though as not only do your men need food, each building has an upkeep (which gets more and more expensive as the buildings get modernised) and there are natural disasters and sinister events which occur to hinder you (plagues, thieves, fires etc).""Graphics - The graphics on Townsmen are simple yet fun to watch. They are reminiscent of early SNES graphics, but with the size of most mobile phone screens, there is enough going on and enough quality to catch your eye. It's unusually pleasing when you upgrade a building and see the newer architecture and colours.""Sound - The sound is fairly adequate. There's a nice little tune playing the whole time and you get sounds when things are being built or when a maintenance is required. It's very easy to play with the sound off though.""Controls - These are very simplistic once you get the hand of it. The shoulder keys on the main screen will either build or quit to save the game. Each of the numbers corresponds to a building (hence there are 9 buildings) and the zero key shows you the current upkeep required. Once you are in a building you can see what how many men are assigned and what it's storing (to eventually go to the marketplace), and then using the shoulder key you can also see each buildings individual upkeep. The main button is 5 which takes you to the marketplace and you can sell your goods as well as 7 which brings up your allocation of men between buildings.""Lastability - This game apparently has no end and so will go on and on and on. I have currently built everything and have a lot of resources but the value of my town is just shy of 10,000 and I'm waiting to see what happens when it reaches this. You can save your progress which is great but a slight tip is that if it's gonna take you a while to build, don't leave the game on unattended as invariably not only will natural disasters occur but you'll easily run out of money and then it's game over. Once this happens it wipes your previous saved game and you have to start again!!!""Playability - The game is pretty easy to play once you have figured out what is going on and how the controls work. You have to maintain a constant vigil over your resources and upkeep to make sure you don't end the game and you find yourself desperately waiting for things to be built so you can sell them in order to improve your town. I advise going to the website for a better and more in depth review of how the game and controls work.""Overall if you like these types of games, you can't really go wrong with Townsmen. Once you're experienced, it's simple, addictive and apparently never ends. After you have a few buildings you get a great sense of satisfaction and creating and running your own little town!!