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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 29/5/06

Feeding Fenzy Review

Developer: Mr Goodliving


Game Features


Nice backgrounds and general underwater theme
As close as you can foreseeably get to the original


Small sprites

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Samsung Z300

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 08/6/06

Watch out for the piranhas.

Like most of the games we've been reviewing recently, Feeding Frenzy has been a huge hit on the PC and Mr Goodliving/Real have brought it to your mobile.

For those that have never played the game, here's a quick run down. You are a small fish in a big pond. As you eat more and more little fish, you will grow and then be able to eat bigger and bigger fishes. Just make sure you don't get eaten by any fish that are bigger than you.

Feeding Frenzy is great on the PC and it was always going to be tough bringing this to the small screen. Graphically, the game is spot on, naturally the sprites are a little smaller but the colours and details are great. Although there's no background tune the in-game sound effects work really well within the game.

The beauty of the PC version was its smooth controls where you felt like you were floating through the water just by gliding the mouse over the table. This element is missing in the mobile version and as a result it has becoming a totally different type of game. Many of the originals features are still there. The jellyfish and the mines, both of which should be avoided, are still there. There can be a lot of objects on screen at any one time and due to the small size of the screen, the game is more of a delicate exercise through a minefield of big fish and mines rather than a fluid path to fulfilment. The controls have been simplified to make life as possible. Gone is the speed burst and the 'suck' option. Instead you can use the outer keys on the number pad to move in one of eight directions. To be honest, the usual four directions should be enough.

The set up of the game is very similar to its big brother. You start off as a small species of fish and after a few levels you evolve in to a bigger fish. It doesn't take long before you evolve into a whale. The game claims to have 16 levels but there is life beyond the sixteenth level. After this level you enter the Open Ocean where it appears that you can play this level after level until you lose. If you get bored of this, you can play Time Attack mode where you basically progress through as many levels as you can against the clock.

Basically, Feeding Frenzy crams as much as it can onto the mobile. There's no tutorial mode so it may be worth getting to grips with the basics via the free PC demo. If you're a fan and know how it all works then you should have a good time playing.