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Genre: Dance, Movie/TV based :: Players: 1 :: Released: 16/5/06

Muppet's Dance Party Review

Developer: Living Mobile


Game Features


Great sound
Loads of extras


No Cons! That's good :)

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Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 18/5/06

Everyone's favourite frog and pig show Usher how its done.

We were excited to find out that the Muppets had their own mobile phone game. The excitement did wane once we heard it was a dance game. Nevertheless any Muppets game had to be worth a shot, even if it was dance. After a quick run through the tutorial you soon realise this is so NOT a dance game; it is 100% a puzzle game with a dance theme and life is once again good.

In the weird psychedelic world that we live in, Waldorf and Statler (the two grumpy guys from the audience) have become top DJs and the Muppets have to battle them and impress the crowd. I don't know who thinks up these ideas but it does work.

A quick run through the basics... Waldorf and Statler are banging out the beats in the form of differently coloured and differently shaped blocks. You have to arrange the blocks in threes at the top of the screen and make pretty patterns. Points are awarded if all three blocks are the same colour or shape and you also earn points if you manage to create a set with no commonality between the blocks (i.e. a red square, a yellow triangle and a green circle). The controls are very easy, it is just left, right and up to choose where to fire the block. You can discard blocks by pressing fire.

It can get quite tricky and the action is frenetic at times. The on screen special effects are amazing and there's plenty going on visually. If you perform really well, you will go into Breakdown and perform some funky dances while you position the blocks. Even better than the graphics is the sound. There are five characters to play with and each has their own in game music. The tunes are very cool, all the way from Fozzie's country and western to Kermit's hiphop.

The gameplay itself is addictive. Extra characters and outfits can be unlocked by battling through Challenge mode. Unlocking the characters is quite easy to accomplish but to unlock all the items will take plenty of play. Challenge mode rather predicatively sets various challenges for you to complete the level. Where some games would be content at ending the options here, Muppet??s Dance Party gives you Training mode. The name is a little misleading, it is a fully fledged mode where you can select any of the unlocked characters and outfits and keep playing as long as the crowd love your performance. With 3 main difficulty levels you should be able to find the right level to suit your skills. Add a high score table that stores highest combo as well as scores and you have a puzzle game with as much replay value as you could get.

Overall a very satisfying puzzle game. Great graphics, easy controls with a lot of thought put into the sound and its got Gonzo and Animal, what more do you want?