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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 10/4/06

Mystery Castle II Review

Developer: Runestone Games


Game Features


Levels are quite puzzling
Plenty of levels to play
Take control of your enemies in later levels!


Sound and graphics could be a little better
Levels are quite puzzling

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 10/4/06

Enjoyable puzzle game that may have your brain in a few knots as you try and figure out a way to help Monty the wizard collect the gems.

Mystery Castle II is the sequel to a game which I never played. I did, however, really enjoy the sequel and we did, however, review the original (check out the review of Mystery Castle). The objective is to collect all the gems on each level but this is a lot easier said than done. You have an overhead view which means that the graphics aren't amazing but you can fit a lot on the screen. The graphics themselves are fairly cute and quite funny at times. There's a fair amount of colour as well with levels that are icy and also fiery. The main character looks like a proper wizard with flowing beard and bulbous nose. In fact, if you leave Monty alone for a few seconds then he'll start to juggle some balls or throw a few magic spells which looks pretty funny. There are other characters as well with some flowing spirits and ninjas, all of which suit the look and feel of the game. Also the expression when Monty falls down is quite funny as are the eyes following you of the little Dracula poster. Nothing particularly amazing but nicely done nonetheless.

The sound is adequate as well with a tune when you load the game and sound effects and little tones during the game. The tune at the start is quite mystical (and kind of reminded me of Big Trouble in Little China) and there's also a little loop between the rooms you go to. When you collect things there's a tone as well as vibration and other sound effects when you're moving and placing blocks. Pretty good but again not stunning.

The controls are really simple as you only need to move around. Therefore you can use the D or the key pad to move Monty around the level. The blocks are moved by pushing them from behind and they can't be pulled which means that you have to think a bit more about where to push them. The shoulder buttons will pause the game and that's about it really. Very simple to pick up and understand how to play.

The playability is very good. As you may be aware, I like my puzzle games (Super Yum Yum was a prime example) and this is a well put together game. You collect gems in each level to open the exit door and that's the basic premise. The route you take and the obstacles in the level make this a bit more tricky. In addition to this there are enemies in the level which wander around in set patterns that you have to try and avoid. The levels contain things other than gems, there are scrolls you can collect which reveal more about the game and the story. There's also treasure to pick up but you may not be able to collect all of this until you pick up some of the special items which allow you to perform other feats. You unlock more levels when you complete the earlier ones. The locked ones have a lock on the door. When you complete a level if you manage to get everything you get a star on the door and if you just pick up the gems but still have items to collect, you get a tick. Once a level is unlocked you don't have to complete it and can wander around a little freely as you often have two or three levels unlocked at a time.

The puzzles are pretty tricky in some of the later stages and the fact that you can go back and pick up all the additional items is great. The levels which look simple often are but sometimes the answer can be staring you in the face for a good 10 minutes. The game autosaves and you can restart levels and also quit them via the pause menu. In, fact when you select the quit option you get a message saying 'are you sure you want the fun to end'? It's this kind of tone that makes the game enjoyable to play and the levels are quite different. Some are lava levels and others are icy levels so the variety is decent. The levels aren't very long to play either so if you can figure out how to clock them, it's a quick fix to get through. If not, you can find yourself pretty stumped for a while but enough thought and you should get the correct route.

Good clean fun if you like puzzle games. Definitely worth checking out.

ADDENDUM - I've got to the latter levels now where you can possess spirits allowing for even more cool levels and tricks!! Great puzzle game and I'm still playing!