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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 27/3/06

Darkest Fear 2: Grim Oak Review

Developer: Rovio


Game Features


More puzzles and items to collect and use
Nice graphics and sound
Replay value


Collecting all the items can be a bit frustrating

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 29/3/06

Great sequel to the original classic. More puzzles, more things to do and pretty addictive gameplay.

I was a big fan of the original (it won our award for best sound, check it out here and it's pretty amazing that we've come this far in terms of the mobile games market that I was so looking forward to a sequel.

Darkest Fear was a great puzzle game which had multiple endings and the story continues in this sequel. There are no multiple endings unfortunately but the game has much more of a puzzle element and is still pretty scary. You can view the trailer if you have Media Player or Quick Time.

Graphically it looks fairly similar but there are a lot more locations this time which means different lighting effects. The still shots which are part of the story are still pretty high in quality and there are a lot more colours this time around as you get to explore the town of Grim Oak (who would want to live in a place called Grim Oak anyway?). We're still treated to the overhead view which makes everything look a little small but the levels are larger now so the view makes sense. A slight step up from the original and still very nice to look at and very atmospheric.

Well, it seems that some people do take note of what we say here at Mobile Game Faqs. My main concern with the first one was that the sound didn't loop even though it sounded great. Well, lo and behold, the sound now loops on this version. And it gets better as there are a few tunes within depending on what's happening in the game. Once again, the sound really suits the game and gives it an added dimension when playing the game late night without the lights on. Other developers should take note of the impact of sound on a game and the fact that it loops it such a good improvement.

The controls are very very easy, use te stock, D or key pad to move around. Press the main button to pick things up and put them down. Right shoulder button brings up the inventory where you use the main button to select an item. You can combine items as well using the shoulder buttons.

The improvements in the game are noticeable. While there aren't any multiple endings, there's a lot more to do and you have a lot more freedom to wander around and do what you want. The story picks up 5 years after the events of the original game and Thomas Warden has to get to the bottom of the strange goings on that he thought were over. The plot is pretty cool, it certainly makes for an interesting final part to the game. The playability is better than before. In addition to the light puzzles which you have to solve to navigate through the rooms, there are many items you can collect and use. These have to be used in specific locations to help you gain the six pieces of a grave key and there are plenty of items to collect and use. Additionally there are a couple of monsters to combat which (one at least) takes a little bit of time. It plays a lot more like a puzzle and adventure game which is pretty addictive.

The lastability is excellent. The first time I played through the game it took me a few hours and the second and third times it took a fair bit less. But I suppose you're wondering if there are no multiple endings, why would I play it through again? Well, I'm not gonna say too much but along the lines of the first Metal Gear you get a little surprise when you finish which may make you want to play the game again. In addtion, there are three hidden mini games to find and a side quest where you have to collect all 18 putrid muffins. Not an easy task as even at the third attempt of playing the game fully through, I know where the damn muffins are but there are two I can't seem to get to! Aarrgh! This is why, for the completists amongst you, the game has a decent amount of replay value. The plot is also interesting and you get a score at the end which you can try and improve. The game will save automatically every time you go through a door and you can suspend and resume as normal.

If you liked the first one and you like adventure and puzzle games then definitely check this out.

If you do get the game, and I recommend that you do, and you get stuck, check out the walkthrough on the developer's website at