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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 05/3/06

Doom RPG Review

Publisher: Jamdat :: Developer: id Software


Game Features


At least 10 hours of gameplay


Usual Doom graphics

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 15/3/06

A classic game rejigged for the mobile market with great aplomb.

Making a first person shooter (FPS) for the mobile has been tried by many and most have failed. The original player, has stepped forth and shown them how it's done.

Let me quickly talk about other mobile FPS games and where they go wrong. On the whole, they have gone for a full conversion of the genre. In other words, frantic dashing and strafing using only the mobile phone's keypad. With all the best will in the world, it's never going to work on today's handsets (not today's but probably tomorrow's).

Doom RPG is different. It still has the same classic graphics and even some of the original music but they have modified the gameplay to suit the mobile format. Rather than a non-stop game of hide and seek, Doom RPG is a little more cat and mouse than its mobile competitors. In Doom RPG, the moves alternate between yourself and the enemy. When there is no enemies in sight, the gameplay is very slick and you can move freely around the map. When an enemy is in range, the action becomes a run of the mill turn-based fighting game.

The decision to tone down some of the action for a turn based style is perfect for the mobile. You are given as much time as you need to think about your move and, more importantly, incoming phone calls should not disrupt your gameplay too much. id Software have taken the mobile development a step further and introduced a few more characters and a bit more of a plot. This doesn't really add a great deal to the game but it helps distance Doom RPG from it's adrenalin rushed brother.

The controls work well, you can move in the usual directions and you can strafe. The in-game menu is easy to use, which is handy as you will be needing it to use your medi-packs. There's a whole host of weapons to find and use, even the BFG. When starting the game, I was quite happy to bash the enemies with my trusty axe. It was a lucky move as ammo is not easy to come by. There are a few bonus items like the soul sphere and others to rescue you. Unfortunately, there's no description of what these do and you really just have to try it out. You can save the game at any stage so there's no problem in experimenting a little bit. With the lack of weaponary, Doom RPG becomes quite a tactical game where you have to make the most of your attacks. As it is an RPG game, they have even added experience points and levels. You do need to go through some pointless conversations and actions with the characters so you can discover passwords, etc. The good thing is that all of this is recorded in your notepad which you can read when you've forgotten the password from a minute ago.

The most impressive aspect to Doom RPG is the sheer length of the game. There are loads of levels and a decent difficulty curve. By the time I had completed the story, the game time was 10 hours. This even rivals a 100 level puzzle game, hats off to the developers for cramming so much game time in a java game. Even after you complete the story you are still free to roam around the levels and try and find all the secret rooms (while smacking up even more enemies).

This is what mobile gaming is about, accepting the limitations of the mobile and caressing the game into the mobile mould.