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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 12/2/06

Cyberblood Review

Developer: Rovio


Game Features


Choice of endings
Ability to upgrade
Cool sound


Game is a little tough later on

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 16/2/06

Rovio Games' latest offering is an apocalyptic view of the future wrapped up in a great action game.

Rovio games is fast becoming a quality developer. We got some news that Darkest Fear 2 will be out this year and we can't wait. Their other titles have always been solidly put together and Cyberblood is no exception.

The graphics are the same overhead view that they love and although this makes the sprites a little on the small side it means that you can see a lot on the screen. The detail is there on the characters and the backgrounds are nicely rendered but the graphics don't particularly stand out. They are fine though and the movement and animation is good as well. The different levels all look different enough but have the feel of being from the same time and location so the game is nice to look at but not spectacular although there are some really nicely rendered still shots of people trying to attack you and when you die or finish the game.

The sound is, as with all Rovio games, pretty decent. The tune they have for the game changes slightly depending on what's going on with a more up tempo tune when there's a lot of action and lower tempo when you are talking. There are no sound effects during the game which is a bit of a shame but the tune is well put together and so doesn't make that much of a difference. Rovio games do really remind me musically of the old Bitmap Brothers games. Both of them have their own style, both let the music enhance the game and both are pretty funkily (is that a word?) composed.

The controls are simple to pick up, use the D pad to move around. Press the main button or 5 once to activate your gun (shown as active by appearing in the bottom right hand corner) and you will auto target your enemies. This may appear to be too easy and at times it is, but there are modules to control as well for the harder levels. These are switched with the * button (and a graphic of which one appears in the bottom left hand corner) and are used with the 0 button. You should have the hang of them in no time.

The playability is excellent as the game is addictive. Rovio games always spends time ensuring that there is a decent plot to the games as well and while this may remind a lot of people as a mobile version of the film Cyborg (just without Jean Claude Van Damme) the pace of the plot development is good and has you wanting to play more. The game is also fun to play as you can upgrade your modules by picking up gems and you shouldn't die that easily as a basic module is an energy replenish one (the one with the heart and + sign next to it). It's enjoyable to kill the mutant freaks and cyber punks and then get to learn a bit more about what's going on in your world. It's basically a move and kill type of game although there are a few switches, however the levels are never that large so they're easy to spot.

The lastability is great as well as the game gets pretty hard later on. There's no difficulty setting and it seems pretty quick at first. There's an easy tactic of killing people then finding a safe corner to replenish your energy (your gem meter recharges by itself) then going on the rampage again but on the later levels with the enemies getting a bit harder the game is challenging. The game will save your progress automatically and at the end of each level you can upgrade with the gems you got. Like some other Rovio games there's a choice of endings. I went for the easy one first then you get the option of trying the hard one which is a nice touch. It does take a while to complete the hard one but the plot and final weapon is definitely rewarding.

Another great title enhancing the fast growing reputation of Rovio Games.