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Genre: Action, Platform :: Players: 1 :: Released: 19/9/05

Qwak (Symbian) Review

Publisher: Telcogames :: Developer: Magic Productions


Game Features


Excellent gameplay
Loads of levels


No save

Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 26/9/05

A great game that needs a couple of tweaks to make it a must-have

QWAK is a platform game with over 80 levels and plays like a cramped version of Mario - not that this is a bad thing. Each level is ram packed with enemies, obstacles and power ups. Careful timing and a little bit of planning is required to complete the level.

Although porting an old Amiga game to the mobile is a no-brainer, QWAK comes across very well on the mobile. The graphics are very good. I do like cutesy games and this duck and all the enemies definitely have a big air of fluffiness about them.

Do not be mistaken into thinking this is a kiddies game. The game may be cute but the levels do get progressively trickier. To complete a level you must get all the gold keys and then an exit will appear. It is a pure platform game, the keys aren't generally hiding anywhere and are in plain view. The trouble is they are usually being patrolled by the enemy. Luckily, being a duck, you can kill the enemy by firing eggs. To help you on your way, there are plenty of power ups. Try to collect as much fruit as you can; at the end of each level your fruit tally gets converted into eggs. Armour can also be found, although it looks more like a golden/silver nappy. Extra lives and special abilities can also be obtained.

The controls work well on the mobile. The D-pad controls everything, you can move left/right and pushing up makes you jump (you can also press 7). Pressing the centre button or 5 will fire your eggs. Pretty simple but it is all you need to play the game.

The sound is also good. There is decent sound effects when you kill the baddies or pick up objects and there is a looping tune in the background. There is also the added benefit of having various volumes for the music or special effects. Thankfully there is no slow down with the sound on.

Along with the 80 levels, bonus levels and boss levels also exist. Some of the boss levels are pretty hard so its important to try and get as many extra lives as you can. The game only gives you 2 continues and 3 lives per credit. If you find yourself on a difficult level it is very easy to lose 5 or 6 lives on one level.

You would think that QWAK would score very highly in lastability, however, there is no save function. Once you start playing you had better continue until you die or you complete the game. Unfortunately I have not been able to complete the whole game in time for this review but I would estimate that the total time to play from start to finish would be an hour or so. Providing you have the battery life, this could keep you happily entertained on a long journey. The game can be paused and suspended so as long as you have your phone on then you can sort of save it. In 'Options' you have a choice of buttons for pausing; either the left soft key or '#'. On the 6600 if you have the soft key as the pause, then you cannot suspend the application. If this happens on your handset then change the pause button to '#' and it should work fine.

While QWAK is obviously not a revolutionary concept for 2005 it has definitely raised the bar in terms of gameplay and it ticks most of the boxes.