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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 2 :: Released: 27/9/04

Monster Mind Review

Developer: Runestone Games


Game Features


Fun and enjoyable
Different modes


Sound can be intrusive

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides ’s Review

Review Date: 30/7/05

An enjoyable puzzle game with the emphasis on fun.

The aim of the game is to guess the opponents code. Check out Scientist Code for a similar game.

In Scientist Code the emphasis was on pure logic and geekiness. Monster Mind has turned this around to create a fun game which will still test the little grey cells.

The fun starts from the very beginning. The game loads with a cool intro tune that's supposed halloween-esque but it did remind me of the X-Men theme. The graphics are excellent, the little monsters are very well drawn and have a very cutsey feel to them. If you unlock the code the monster will jump around and if you lose they start bawling.

The controls are simple. Select a character using the D-pad and the move up and down to select a different coloured monster. Once you are happy with your monster line up press the left soft keyto confirm your selection. You will then be awarded some sweete to show how close you were. A red sweet means one of the monsters is correct, a blue sweet means you have a correct monster but in the wrong location. A carrot means you have no correct monsters whatsoever. The aim is to obtain four red sweets. During the game, your previous guesses and awarded sweets are shown in the top corner (you can scroll up and down using 1 or 7).

What sets this apart from some similar games are the number of options. There is a time attack mode. You have a set limit to unlock each code and bonus time can be awarded if you unlock the codes quickly enough. The highest score is recorded although there is no high score table or name entry system.

You can also challenge a friend or the AI in opponent mode. Here, you can select your own code for the opponent to unlock and then battle each other to try and complete the game in the least amount of moves. There is a story mode of sorts when playing against the AI. Various monster will challenge you. The matches start of quite easy and are a best of 3 affair. By the fourth or fifth opponent, the matches are best of 7 rounds. Completing the whole story will take some serious logic and luck.

If these sort of games are your thing, then this definitely for you. Brain teasing but also fun to play.