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Genre: Action, Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 18/7/05

Another World (Symbian) Review

Publisher: Telcogames :: Developer: Magic Productions


Game Features


A real game with depth
Great graphics


Key pad is redundant

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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 18/7/05

The classic from the early 1990s gets an excellent mobile re-working.

This is the first MMC mobile game that we have reviewed and we love it. The average mobile phone game that you download via WAP is usually between 50kb-200kb. It is amazing what the developers can squeeze into such a small size. Another World is a whopping 3 Mb or 3000kb. We are talking about a game that is 15 times bigger than Ancient Empires or Townsmen. What have Telcogames got to offer us then?

Graphically, the game is as good as the Amiga version. There is an enhanced graphics mode which doesn't slow the game down and makes the polygons look extremely slick. You're probably looking at the landscape oriented screenshot and thinking that its an old Amiga pic. To play this game you actually have to hold your phone sideways hence the landscape view. As you would expect, graphically, it's the best mobile game I've seen and it actually feels like you are playing on a handheld console rather than your phone although it does get strange looks from people.

While there has been a huge leap in graphics, the sound is pretty average. The background music is atmospheric and you cannot tell if the rack loops round which makes a pleasant change. Not many sound effects, so much so that you are actually surprised to hear them. It does have about 5 different volume settings which is good although it does seem to override the handset's 'silent' mode.

I found the controls quite good. As the game is played sideways, all controls are via the D-pad (or in my case, the 6600 little joystick). Left and right directions are pretty obvious; pressing down makes you crouch and pushing up does a little jump. Double tapping left/right can start you running. If you push up while running you perform a nice long jump. Pushing the central on the joystick fires your weapon or lets you do a kick. Overall, I found the controls quite easy to use; it does take a little practice to perform the running jumps. I would have liked to have the choice of using the keypad as it would have been easier to perform these timed jumps.

The gameplay is fantastic but a little confusing at first. The game starts with a long intro film (with great graphics and sound) and you soon find yourself transported to another world. That's it, no instructions, no extra plotlines; just try and find your way out. You have only one life, but you do have infinite continues. You will find yourself dying a lot until you figure your way out of each screen. The game is split into lots of mini levels which are seamlessly strung together. When you die, you continue at the beginning of that level (at most, three or four screens before you died). It is a great game that relies on your ingenuity to figure the way past a huge monster, a prison and other such traps. It is a great feeling of satisfaction when you solve each conundrum. Please note, the game is not an exact replica from the 1990's. There are plenty of cheats and walkthroughs for the original version but these don't work for the mobile version.

The longevity factor is high. The game is long and will take a while to complete as it is quite tricky. The deluxe MMC version is due to be released in the near future from selected retailers. Compared to some of the dross that is out there for ??4-??5, Another World is definitely value for money. Finally, mobile gaming is moving in the right direction. Another World is also available via WAP/SMS. This version is still 1Mb in size. The enhanced graphics options is not available but it does not make a huge difference. The game length and all the features are identical.