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Genre: Pool/Snooker, Sports :: Players: 2 ::

Pub Pool Review

Publisher: Unknown :: Developer: Iomo


Game Features


3 levels of AI or play against a friend
You can choose the colour of the table
Amusing comments when your shots are poor


No save mode
Only one mode of play - standard pool
Average sound

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 21/6/05

Another one in the pub series, this time it's pool!

Pool, or billiards has been around for ages. I remember playing Jimmy White's whirlwind snooker back on my ST so I was looking forward to this game.

The game is part of the pub series and so has the friendly pub landlord giving you advice and slagging you off during the game.

Graphics are pretty standard. The screen captures of the characters (who are they) when you miss a shot are nice. The table itself is very similar to other games as are the balls and power / aim graphics. One nice feature is that you can change the colour of the table and you have a scale that goes from green to blue to red so you can have whatever takes your fancy.

The sound is fairly minimal with some effects when you hit balls and a bit of vibration. No real tunes as such so pretty sparse in the sound front.

The controls are pretty simple. Use the directions key or D pad to aim the white ball. When it is hitting another ball you will see where the ball being hit is going via a marking line. When you're happy, press the button once to select the shot. Then you can place spin and swerve on the ball using the directions via the image of the white in the top right hand side of the screen. Press the main button again once you are happy with the spin. Finally your power bar will build up and press the main button once more for your power. It sounds complicated but is really simple, press the main button 3 times - once for aiming, once for spin and once for power.

The playability is pretty good. This is pool and not snooker so the games are much quicker. The AI is challenging and there are three difficulty levels and you can also play against a human opponent. What's really amusing though is the insults which occur when you play poor shots, these make me chuckle. Overall a fun game to play.

The lastability is not that great. While it's a good game to play, and being pool the games are short, there's not much else to it. The options are to play pool against the AI or a human opponent and I would have liked to have been able to play 9 ball, snooker or even have some trick shots. Unfortunately none of this is in there. Neither is a save function which is most disappointing.