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Genre: Sports :: Players: 2 ::

Pub Darts Review

Developer: Iomo


Game Features


Two modes - 501 and clock
You can play against CPU or friends
You get amusing comments when you miss!


No save function
Average sound

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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 21/6/05

Step up to the oche for a classic game of pub darts!

Darts is such a simple game that even if you've never played before, it's pretty easy to figure out what to do have a go.

Iomo have created the pub darts atmosphere pretty well. The pub landlord (looking just like the guy from Time Gentlemen Please) will let you know what to do and how to do it.

The graphics are pretty good. The darts and board look solid and realistic down to the darker areas on the board. The background is a fairly lurid wallpaper but this is spot on in recreating the pub feel. The characters who give comments (and also cuss you when you play badly) are nice looking screen grabs. The darts fly quite well and overall the game looks nice, just how a darts game should be.

The sound is minimal, there's vibration and a few sounds when you win or lose or if you hit a few nice shots but not much else.

The controls are what make or break a darts game and I was pleasantly surprised. The game is pretty simple to play and you can use the key or D pad. Aside from the menus, in the game you basically have cross hairs which move and when you're ready you just press one button. That it, very simple. When making any normal shot, there are two cross hairs, one going from left to right (in an arc) and one going up and down. You should aim really using the one going left and right as this is the more important one. The one going up and down is useful when you need to hit a double or a treble, but this only comes with a lot of practice. When going for the 25 or the bull you have one crosshair moving around the bull area and you have to time your press. In both instances there is a time limit. This is fairly large so take your time and as Sean Connery said - "you should try and feel the shot".

The gameplay is good, the pub atmosphere right down to the insults for bad shots is recreated quite well. There are two game modes, 501 down (and you have to finish on a double, you can't just get a double as part of your final shot) and the clock mode where you have to go around the numbers in order. The game is a lot of fun to play and darts translates to mobiles pretty well. One button press is required and you do get more used to aiming for good shots. Beware of playing on the train though as the jerky motion may well throw you off your shot. Well, that was my excuse anyway.

The lastability is not bad. With the two modes there are 4 skill levels to test yourself against or you can play against another player taking it in turns. There are also a choice of legs you can play up to 7 so you can have a quick game or a long one. My only problem with the game is that there is no save function which is very annoying especially on the longer games. Otherwise, a really good darts conversion that's a lot of fun to play.