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Genre: Pinball :: Players: 3+ :: Released: 15/6/05

Metal Smash Pinball Review

Developer: Mr Goodliving


Game Features


Great graphics
Up to 8 players
Excellent ball physics


Sometimes too many flashes
Long loading time

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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 19/6/05

More than just a pinball game.

Metal Smash Pinball is a beautifully developed pinball game. The concept is a little strange but it does make for an innovative approach that is well suited to the mobile handset.

You must destroy a series of robots to complete the game. Each robot is split into interconnected sections of legs, torso, arms and finally a head. You start off at the bottom (by the feet, not anything else) and you must break your way through into the torso. A brick wall separates the legs and the torso and using your flippers you have to break the wall down in a similar fashion to Arkanoid. Once in the torso, its the usual pinball requirement of hitting certian targets which unlock the arms. Once the arms have been destroyed the final section is open and you can shoot your ball into the head section. In the head, the game tuns into a shoot 'em up albeit a rather basic one. The final enemy is spinning object with tentacles. Your ship is on autofire, so all you have to do is move left and right and take out the alien. After that, you progress on to the next robot. That's a brief summary of the game.

The graphics are excellent. The game has it all: an intro scene; cut scenes when the legs; etc are destroyed and an ending scene. The in-game graphics are good. There is a very Alien feel to the whole robot and the enemies within. I did not find any slow down during normal gameplay. There is a slight stutter when you have completed a sub-mission but nothing major.

The sound is actually very good. There's music tha accompanies all the cut scenes. There is also effects when you hit the bumpers and targets, again with no slow down. There is an option to control the sound volume although this may only work on the top end of the handset models as it did not work on mine.

The controls are adequate and are really the only thing that brings the game down slightly. Flippers are controlled using 1 and 3. The table can be nudged using 2, 4, 6 and 8. That is all fine, however, when a portion of the body is destroyed you have to press the left soft key to continue and then ensure you find the 1 key in time. Any button to continue would have been easier. Also, when you progress to the head, you must 4 and 6 to move and not 1 and 3; again this is a little cumbersome and seemingly pointless.

Nevertheless, the gameplay is fantastic. Metal Smash Pinball borrows elements from other genres to create a more appealing game. It also stays true to its pinball roots. All the usual features are there; multiball, bumpers, targets, ballsavers, locked balls, ramps. Not sure if there is an extra ball but I would imagine so! A mention must be made to the ball physics. The ball moves exactly as you would expect and reacts correctly to the flippers and the angles.

There is a fair amount of freedom in the game. You do not have to completely destroy the legs to proceed; you must merely clear a path to the torso. There is an individual percentage score in each section and you can come back and polish off the legs later on. However, to reach the final head section, all previous sections must be complete.

As you progress through the robots, the difficulty and required skill rises. In the first robot, the brick wall between the legs and torso is only one row deep. Also the arms have already been destroyed so it should not take too long to reach the head. Once you progress to Robot 2, you will not the wall is many rows deep and one of the arms must be destroyed. As you can imagine, by the time you get to the final robot there is a lot in your path before you can succeed.

To complete the entire game does require a fair amount of skill but you should find yourself improving with every game. What better incentive to improve than the 8 player mode where you can play with upto 7 of your mates. If you are really sad like me you can just play against yourself (although this does help you to quickly learn the game).

All in all, Metal Smash Pinball is a great pinball game that will appeal to both pinball fanatics and newcomers.