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Genre: Cartoon, Fun :: Players: 1 :: Released: 23/5/05

Alien Hominid Review

Publisher: Player X :: Developer: Zoo


Game Features


Cool graphics
Lots of variety


Some of the games are over a bit too quickly

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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 14/6/05

Four cool mini games with your favourite alien.

First things first. The PC/flash version of Alien Hominid is a horizontal scrolling action game similar to Metal Slug. The mobile version is totally different and comprises 4 mini-games based around the Alien and the Fat Kid.

The graphics are excellent. Everything is drawn by hand (even the menus) and the game has a good quirky edge because of it. The sound is ok, there is a little intro tune on the menu screens and a few beeps and tones during the game but no in-game music.

There is a Story mode and an Arcade mode. In Story mode you play through each level in turn and once completed you can play any level of your choice in Arcade mode.

Level 1 is similar to Mission Mars where you fly your UFO over the city. Pressing 5 releases a bomb and you must demolish the buildings before you crash into them. I did find the button response time a little slow. You can only release 3 bombs on each fly by.

As you progress through the levels, the game gets faster and faster and the response time becomes more of an issue. You cannot play this level indefinitely, after a couple of minutes, the game will get too fast and you will crash. But it does serve its purpose if you are after a quick buzz.

Level 2 is quite an interesting game. In this one, the FBI agens are hiding behind a wall and are throwing bombs at you. You have to run along and catch them in your box before they explode. Your mate, the Fat Kid, is also there and he will throw a few bonus packages your way. In this level you do have a health bar so you can afford a few bombs to hit the ground before its all over. As with the first level, the game does speed up and gets quite hard quite quickly. There are times when too many bombs are dropped at once and it is not possible to catch them all. While the game time is longer than the first level, it is still limited.

On to level 3; this is basically a Frogger remake but on a larger scale. You start off on one side of the road and your spacecraft bits are on the other side. All you have to do is cross the road full of fast moving traffic, get to the other side and bring your ship back, bit by bit. There are safe zones in the road (on the white and yellow lines) where the cars cannot touch you. This game is all about timing and concentration and the game can last a long time.

Finally level 4, which I think is probably the best. This is based around a see-saw where you and the Fat Kid bounce each other around to get the sweets that are floating high above. Your launch trajectory is determined by the landing position of the other guy. If they land right on the edge, you will shoot up very high. If the land near the middle, you will have a very short take off but you will move sideways. This is a good way to manoeuvere around the screen. Pressing 5 lets you flip the see-saw around which is useful if you are stuck in a corner.

Overall this is a great package. Four games for the price of one. Fans of the PC game and this style of graphics will love it. There should be enough to keep most people interested.