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Genre: Cartoon, Fun :: Players: 1 :: Released: 24/5/05

Foster's - Balloon Bonanza Review

Developer: Macrospace


Game Features


Various difficulty levels
Bonus levels


No save
Slight delay in control

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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides ’s Review

Review Date: 30/5/05

A good game for kiddies and adults alike

Although I have been called a child many times in my adult life, this is one cartoon that has passed me by. Nevertheless, the game is good and can be quite challenging.

You control Foster, a little boy who floats around dangling from a bunch of balloons. Each level is vertically scrolling and you have to avoid numerous mines and other nasty things. Hitting a mine will burst one of your balloons (even if you ht it with your feet). If they all burst in the same level then you will lose one of your three lives. You can also die if you get trapped underneath the blocks. On your journey to the top you can collect plenty of sweeties and free two of your friends that are trapped in cages.

Moving the joystick/d-pad controls the direction you float, and you can also defy gravity and move downwards. Pressing 5 sends Foster spinning. This is needed to break through some of the blocks. Spinning is also good to move around a bit quicker. If you try to drastically change your direction, the controls seem a bit slow to respond. You could consider this as a good physics engine trying to account for momentum in a floating object. Unfortunately if you are 9 years old you probably won??t appreciate the effort.

Once you have manoeuvred to the top, your freed mates throw more sweeties for you to rack up your points. After every few levels you get a chance at a bonus level. Here, you are propelled at high speed and you have to move left and right and try and catch as many sweets as possible. It??s a nice touch that helps break up the game.

The graphics are nice and cutesy. The characters are drawn well and the colours are bright and bold. There is also a funky sound file that repeats throughout the game. Unfortunately there are no special sound effects for ending the levels or for winning sweets.

Overall, the gameplay is good and the game is great fun to play. After a quick look at the online scores, I saw that someone had gotten to level 37. The game is obviously huge. Unfortunately there is no save feature. The game can be suspended and as long as you don??t switch your phone off, you can continue at any time. With three difficulty levels, the game should keep you interested for a while ?? although saving would have been very nice!