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Genre: Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 15/5/05

Jewel Quest Review

Publisher: I-Play :: Developer: Big Blue Bubble


Game Features


Highly addictive
Good longevity


Slightly poor control menu

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 26/5/05

An excellent conversion from the PC bestseller

Jewel Quest has been popular on the internet for ages, but if you??ve never played here??s a quick synopsis. The aim of the game is to swap gems around so that 3 or more identically coloured gems/artefacts are aligned either vertically or horizontally. The main difference here to the other gem games is that there are actual levels to complete rather than an endless game of swapsies. This is also accompanied by a dodgy storyline about ancient artefacts and curses. When you match the gems, the corresponding background turns to gold. The level is completed once the entire background is gold. This forces you to play in a different way to the run-of-the-mill gem games; a little forward planning is required.

Jewel Quest has now been brought to your mobile and a very good conversion it is too. There are 100 levels in total which are split into 4 sections. Each section has slight variations to increase the difficulty and also vary the gameplay. One section has bogus gems that turn gold backgrounds back to grey if three are matched. The mobile version has been put together very well given the small memory. The graphics are good, the colours are bold and it is easy to differentiate between the artefacts. Whenever you match the artefacts, a little sound is played and there is no slow down in gameplay although a little background tune would have been appreciated.

The gameplay is great although some people may find the whole thing a bit tedious after a while. The board is different in each level and is not always a plain rectangle. There are three save slots and you can also replay any completed level. Not sure why though? The game autosaves and suspends. Resuming the game does involve going through the menu from the start to the continue section. This is a little annoying but bearable. In spite of this, Jewel Quest is frustratingly addictive and should come with a Government warning. I found it very hard to tear myself away from it unless I had something urgent to do. This definitely has the ??just one more go?? factor or in my case ??just 5 more levels??.

The controls are excellent. As an avid ??parlour gamer?? on the PC, I was sceptical of how these mouse-based games would translate to the mobile. Using the D-pad/joystick is very easy and one thumb is all you need to move around the grid and swap your stones. The keypad can also be used to control your cursor but it is a bit messy, especially with my big fingers! If the cursor is at the top of the board you can push up to bring it straight to the lowest level. The same also applies to the left and right edges. See the hints for a few more ideas.

As already stated there are plenty of levels and bonus lives can be gained every 50,000 points. Longevity-wise, this is definite yes for fans of this style of game. Even if you are new to parlour games, Jewel Quest is an excellent example and does offer a little more than the standard gem games. Even as a seasoned professional, Jewel Quest will still take at least four hours to complete all 100 levels.

By all means try the free download of the PC version to see what you think. The full PC version costs about $20 (~??12) and the mobile version costs about a fiver, I wonder what my accountant would recommend???