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Genre: Action, Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 :: Released: 23/5/05

Black Ops Review

Developer: Anino Mobile


Game Features


Great intro graphics
Very well designed game


Missions can drag out
Takes a lot of practice
Not much of a tutorial

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides ’s Review

Review Date: 23/5/05

Syndicate Wars meets Ancient Empires with a little bit of Command and Conquer thrown in to create a very well thought out game.

Black Ops places you in the future, in the world of cyborgs and corruption. You control 4 cyborg agents in a top down view of the city.

The general plot and concept is very reminiscent of Syndicate Wars. Credits can be used to improve the cyborg??s attributes and weapons can also be bought. In the missions, however, Black Ops becomes a turn-based strategy game. Overall, the merging of the two styles has worked well.

The game starts off in the laboratory and the armoury, where you can kit out your cyborgs in turn. The graphics in the start up screen and in this section are very impressive.

A fair amount of planning is required here as you have limited credits and weight. You can either create 4 average agents or 1 super agent. The menu control system is quite good although a little complicated. Be careful on your button presses or you might end selling the weapon you have just bought instead of selecting the next agent. Once you are happy with your choices you can begin the mission.

The mission is played in an overhead view. Here, the graphics are not quite as good as the earlier screens but not bad for a mobile game. The backgrounds do have a very similar feel to Syndicate although there is not the same interactivity with lampposts and other random background objects. As previously mentioned, the game is turn-based. You have your turn and the computer has theirs. Each of your units has a set limit of AP per turn. Moving, shooting, reloading, etc all use up AP. Naturally, the amount of AP required depends on the attributes you have given each agent.

Basically, you should move your team in little groups and try to flush out the enemy. Black Ops uses a ??fog of war?? feature. You will only see enemies that are in your vicinity. A little green arrow points to their direction when they are still in sight. When you are near an enemy, a shoot option is available with different types of shot available. As each type of shot is selected, the likelihood of success is given as a percentage. Obviously, the nearer you are, the more likely you are to succeed. Kamikaze tactics can work well as you can run in, shoot and then run away; this does need a lot of AP and doesn't work well against multiple enemies. Once all your AP has been used you must select ??End turn??. The computer will then scroll through his team and move/shoot as appropriate. This is the basics of the game.

The fights are very entertaining, and the animation of the character being blown away is very good. However, overall the game is a little slow. The map is large which can have its disadvantages. When you are searching for the enemy it can take a while to find your target. The missions can take a very long time. On the first time of playing, I lost fighting the very last enemy soldier. To be honest it did take me a while to gather enough resolve to go through the whole level again.

As a whole the game does have a steep learning curve but once you have mastered the basics and the intricate control system it is a good game. You will probably need to play the first level quite a few times to learn the best tactics and also where the enemies are hidden. There are a total of 6 levels so there will be many hours of gameplay.