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Genre: Action :: Released: 04/5/05

Guerrillas Review

Developer: Living Mobile


Game Features


Great gameplay
Good storyline


You cannot select multiple soldiers
Individual levels are not selectable, even after game completion

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Motorola V600

Costas Stephanides ’s Review

Review Date: 09/5/05

A very good military action game with plenty of variation and strategic elements.

Guerrillas takes you into Dirty Dozen style missions. You control a crack team of soldiers placed behind enemy lines and you must fight your way through and overcome the rebellion.

The graphics are really good and have the Living Mobile stamp on them. There can be plenty of moving sprites on the screen at the same time and you do not notice any slow down whatsoever. The backgrounds are well drawn but the soldiers are a little small. Although this does allow you to plot your course a bit better and have a better view of the land.

The sound is average. There??s good background music with a military theme but that is really it. No sound effects during battles or anything.

The gameplay is fantastic. You control a group of soldiers, each with special attributes. There are Heavy Gunners, Snipers, Explosives, Drivers and Medics. Each type of soldier has a gun which can be fired by pressing 5. Different soldiers have different guns. For example, the heavy gunner has an extremely powerful automatic rifle whereas the driver just has a pistol. Each soldier also has a second weapon or special option which is activated by pressing #. Predictably, the medic can restore health, the heavy gunner can throw a grenade and the driver can get into tanks and jeeps.

Each mission starts off with a quick introduction from your commanding officer for the mission objective. The first mission has a good tutorial to give you the basics. Helpful hints are also placed around to help guide you on the path to victory. Every level is slightly different and you have different troops at your disposal. You cannot always rely on a heavy gunner to help get you out of trouble.

Each soldier is controlled individually and unfortunately you cannot group them all together and go for a long march. Pressing *, selects a soldier and you can repeat this process and scroll through until you get the soldier you are after. Their health bar is displayed above their heads in green. The selected unit has a white health bar and all enemies have a red health bar. No chance of friendly fire here. A flashing crosshair indicates your line of sight and if an enemy walks anywhere near to it, you will lock on and it should be fairly easy to take them down. The line of sight has been well programmed, you can hide in a group of trees but your line of sight will be restricted ?? very refreshing to see this attention to detail in a mobile phone game. The auto lock on is a little bit dodgy and you may have to manoeuvre your soldier a little to ensure lock on. Your soldiers will automatically start shooting if anyone comes to close. The heavy gunner does have a long line of sight and he can eliminate soldiers and even tanks without getting hit (a certain element of sneakiness is required).

General movement is controlled by the D-pad or you can use the number pad. In this instance, the number pad is actually better as you can use 1,3,7 and 9 for diagonally movement, whereas most of the D-pads/joysticks are limited to the basic 4 directions.

The game is good fun to play. The variety in units and weaponry make it a very enjoyable experience. The gameplay is only slightly marred if you have to move multiple troops one at a time across the whole terrain of a level. If you are a competent gamer you shouldn??t find the game too difficult but it will be good fun. With about ten levels to play and a high score to beat, this should keep you entertained for a good while.