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Genre: Extreme Sports, Sports :: Players: 1 :: Released: 21/3/05

Nate Adams Freestyle Motocross Review

Publisher: Digital Bridges :: Developer: Xendex


Game Features


Incredibly addictive gameplay
Lots of courses to unlock
Ghost you can race against


No great graphics or sound
No network connectivity
One player

Save Option
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Review Details
Handset Sharp GX20

Anannya Sen ’s Review

Review Date: 21/3/05

An absolutely addictive game that will have you giving up a social life while you play it. Good graphics and reasonable sound but the gameplay is something special.

I used to play quite a few bike games in my time. The classics on the C64 such as Action Biker (can anyone tell me what the point of the race at the end was?) and infamous Kickstart and I have to say that this game wins hands down.

The graphics are reasonable, although compared to other games, they could probably be improved a lot. I have seen it on the 6600 and the graphics there look really great. Maybe the developers forgot about the Sharp. Still, the bike itself is a reasonable size and the backgrounds are bright at least. There is a nice loading pic and the menu is simple and easy to navigate. The animation on the bike is superb and this is one of the best features in the game. When you are spinning in the air, performing stunts even though it doesn??t look that cool (at least compared to the 6600 anyway) it feels really cool and some of the animation when you fall off is, to me anyway, quite amusing. Also you can race against your ghost which is also cool.

There is not much in terms of sound and this is probably the weakest area of the game. There is a tune on the main screen which is nothing special and this doesn??t play in game. When you complete a trick or crash there is a little tone you hear but that??s it really, not much to write home about.

The controls are not simple but you get used to them quickly. The actual navigation of the bike is straightforward but there are several tricks you can do and I kept forgetting which was which. That was probably just me though. The D pad or shoulder buttons navigate the menus. During the game the D or key pad will move the bike. Basically the main button or 5 or up or 2 will accelerate. Down or 8 will brake. Left and right or 4 and 6 will control the weight of the rider and move them backwards or forwards. Shifting weight allows you to control the bike over the hills and bumps as well as make it spin in the air and do wheelies. It sounds complicated but you??ll get the hang of it. When you are in the air, pushing 6 or right will shift the weight forwards causing the nose to dip and you can do nose spins in the air. And pressing 4 or left will shift weight backwards enabling you to do back flips in the air. In addition to this there are 4 stunt keys, 8 (or down), 0, * and #. When you are in the air, pressing any of these will perform that stunt. The bike control is quite tricky to get the hang of at first but after 10 minutes of playing around with shifting the weight I got the hang of the game and you can start performing some really cool stuff.

The playability is outstanding. The physics engine of the bike and the difficulty of the courses are perfect. Basically you have to complete courses in order to unlock the next ones. Courses are completed with requirements on each, these will be a certain number of flips and stunts you have to perform, sometimes within a time limit. They increase in difficulty and in the later levels you find yourself performing a flip and stunt at the same time, ie you take off from a ramp and then in the air you have to do a back flip and no hander (press left and also 8 at the same time). The landing can be tricky but it takes a few goes and after that you??ll be adjusting your bike like a pro and looking good doing it. The ability to flip the bike, keep on one wheel, not fall over and perform stunts while flying through the air makes this game so addictive that I forewent sleep one night and stayed up playing it!! Needless to say I was a bit dreary eyed at work. I can??t tell you all enough how much fun this is to play.

The lastability is great as well. There are lots of courses to unlock (21 on the 6600 and 16 on the GX20). Each course has very different characteristics. All the basic stuff is the same like the hills, jumps and bumps, but the differing requirements mean that the courses are all challenging. You may have to spend a bit of time trying to figure out the best places in the course to perform the required stunts but once you do, you??ll find yourself playing over and over again to try and get that elusive finish and unlock the next course. The courses are all pretty quick, usually around 20-30 seconds and so it is very easy to keep playing them again and again until you clock them. The difficulty level is pitched just right and often when you think that there is no way you can complete this course, you??ll stumble on the right sequence for the tricks according to the jumps. Then you??ll find yourself playing it over and over until you??ve got the tricks right. What??s brilliant and also frustrating is that even once you get the tricks right, there??s a time limit to contend with and you often miss it by the smallest amounts, ensuring that you play again. The courses are so much fun to play that even when you do complete all of them and get to the last course (where you can just ride for fun and perform any tricks you want) you??ll still find yourself having a quick go. Even better than this is the ability to play your ghost on a course so you can beat your best times. The ghost looks cool and when you are spinning through the air with a similar grey image behind you, you realise how much effort was put into getting this game right.

A game that will take over your life for a while if you spend a little time on it and is so much fun that it??s a must get for all phones. The rating is only reduced due to the graphics but don??t let this stop you from getting the most playable game I??ve played for a long time.