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Genre: Arcade, Quiz/Puzzle/Strategy :: Players: 1 ::

Breakout Review

Publisher: Ifone :: Developer: Atari


Game Features


Very easy to play
Multiball action is good fun


No save feature
Cannot start from a later level
Very monotonous

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Review Details
Handset Motorola T720

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 21/6/04

Classic game worth wasting 10 minutes of your time. Easy and straight forward to play but does get very tedious, very quickly. Stick to the demo if you have it.

I used to love these games back in the day of Arkanoid. A demo version of Breakout was included on my phone, played it and loved it. The first 5 levels show off all the games best bits. Different layouts and various special bricks enticed me into downloading the full version. For those who don't know, aim of the game is to move your paddle left or right to bounce a ball up to destroy the bricks on the screen. When all the bricks have been smashed, the level is over.

In the later levels you come across special bricks; the white brick cannot be destroyed, the pink brick needs to be hit twice before it disappears and the yellow brick turns into another ball when hit (although you can only have two balls on the screen at a time). Sounds easy, it is. It is not difficult to move your paddle in time to reach the ball as the the game is quite slow and doesn't speed up as you progress. Sometimes the buttons are not very responsive and you cannot speed across from one side to the other; some forward planning is required.

The only difficulty is ensuring that you do not get your ball stuck in the same pattern of bouncing around white bricks ad infinitum and with no way of restarting the level you have to switch off - very irritating and does happen a bit too often. It can also take ages to find the right path to destroy the final brick.

Although the game is big with over 30 levels of brick bashing action, I've never been above 10 before either my battery runs out or I have dozed off. I must admit that if I have a few minutes to waste, it is one of my first choices.