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Genre: Pool/Snooker :: Players: 1 :: Released: 21/10/10

Hotshot Pool (iPhone) Review


Game Features


100 levels
Different requirements
Ghost line for aiming


No spin or swerve
No actual pool, just trick shots
Oversensitive controls

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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 4
Time Played 2.5 hours
Game Progress Tiffany, level 9 (level 49 in total)

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 30/11/10

More like trick shot pool.

I thought this would be a standard pool game with some additional trick shot modes thrown in. Nope. It's a standard trick shot game with no additional modes thrown in. I mean there are some achievements and at least two options you can change (sound and volume) but that's about it.

There are 5 stages (per scantily clad lady) with 20 levels per stage. So 100 levels. You can take the shot as many times as you want, but the fewer shots you achieve the objective in, the more stars you get as a level grade (1-3). You can quit and re-start the level to try and do it in less shots, but the ghost line of where your last shot was, isn't available when you do it this way.

The game is touchscreen and so you just use your finger to aim and draw it back for power. There is no finesse in terms of spin and swerve on the ball which is a real shame. Each of the 20 levels has one main objective, which is to pot the black in the highlighted pocket. Any other pocket and you fail the challenge.

Each stage (20 levels) also always has additional objectives too based on the colour of the other balls. For instance, in stage 1, the first 20 levels, you can't pot the red balls or hit them first. You can hit them after hitting the black though. Stage 2, which has pink balls has an additional requirement that you can't touch any of the pink balls at all. And later in stage 2 there are also red balls, so you can touch these but not the pink.

It gets a little more convoluted in stage 3 with the yellow balls, as after you pot the black, you have to hit all the yellow balls on screen (usually one or two). And add in any pink or red requirements and you have yourself a ball game (yes, I know I am a genius of a wordsmith). I haven't got to stage 4 yet so don't know what those colour requirements would be.

Each level is achievable apparently and you can mail the developers if you're having trouble. There are a few slight drawbacks in addition to not being able to put spin or swerve on the ball. Firstly for the levels where the white ball is near the cushion, you can only put a limited amount of power on unlike normal. This can be a little frustrating. Secondly, if you turn the phone on some levels to get a better or upside down view, then the view flips causing some confusion.

And the touchscreen for the shot is quite sensitive. There have been times when I've lined up a good shot which only needed tweaking, and then accidentally let off a completely useless shot due to the sensitivity of the touchscreen, thereby wiping the ghost line of the previous shot.

Apart from this there isn't really much to say. Some levels are easy, some are hard and some are quite frustrating. The level of your addictiveness will depend on how much you enjoy pool and how much time you have to spare adjusting your shot by millimetres. Then, once you get it, the next and final question is if you want to do it again without a ghost line and try and get it in one shot. I'll leave it up to you.