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Genre: Fun, Puzzle :: Players: 1 :: Released: 23/10/10

LetsTans Deluxe (iPhone) Review

Publisher: Grabarchuk Puzzles ::


Game Features


10 modes
1320 puzzles
Easy to drop in and play for a bit


Moving the smaller shapes on some modes can be a bit fiddly
Arcade and replica modes are very hard!

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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 4
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress Solved 32 kids puzzles, 5 on every other mode and a couple on Arcade and Replica mode

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 19/11/10

A simple and addictive game.

Some puzzle games are really simple and still fiendishly addictive. This is one of those. However, whereas most puzzle games have maybe 2 modes with slight variations of the original concept, Lets Tans Deluxe has 10 modes featuring slight variations of the original concept. That's right, 10. And the modes get harder as you progress.

The game is basically a shape arranging game. Apparenty it's based on Tangram which was invented in China and has the following wiki entry: Tangram. When you see it you should recognise it. The different modes have lots of puzzles to solve and there are 1320 in total. That's quite a lot!!

To help you out there are hints you can use in the game, although for each hint you use, 1 minute is added to your time. The modes range from the standard game to recreating shapes, checkered versions of shapes, Duo's, Replicas and a very difficult arcade mode. In some modes you can change the skin and there are music and effects (applause when you solve a puzzle) too. You can even have a guest player so your mates don't wipe all your times on the puzzles which is a nice touch.

I think once you play this game you will find your favourite mode (or the one which comes easiest to you). I'm not counting kids mode as that is a bit too simple. Controls wise you just have to tap the shape to rotate it, drag and drop it to move it, and double tap to flip it. There are decent instructions in the game.

The modes have difficulty levels associated with them and I found the checkered and contoured modes the most fun. On the Replica and Arcade mode I really did find these to be pretty difficult challenges, you definitely need a good eye or a lot of hints!! The game saves progress and times and can be paused. You can even play any level if you want to, but as you progress the levels do get harder. Some puzzles and shapes are the same on different modes but obviously each mode has different requirements.

The one drawback I will give is that when you are moving these shapes around onto the grid, it can get a bit fiddly to move the smaller ones sometimes, especially when they are very close to or overlapping the bigger ones (on contour mode they overlap). This is something that could be worked on, although I don't know how they would solve it.

Other than that, a very addictive game with TONS of puzzles to keep you going. Worth a look!