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Genre: Shoot em up :: Players: 1 :: Released: 21/10/10

Deer Hunter - Bow Master (iPhone) Review


Game Features


Lots of different animals
Nice graphics and sounds
Weapons to unlock


Takes a while to get used to shooting
Panning the screen is not that quick or intuitive

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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 4
Time Played 5 hours
Game Progress Level 22, all weapons unlocked, everything achieved but 100% accuracy

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 26/10/10

Bambi's dead meat!!

We played the java version of this game a while back (or at least something similar) and I remember at first being pretty disenchanted with it. That seems to be the common consensus if you check out the ratings on the app store. However, occassionally you find a little gem tucked away in your back pocket if you perservere (ok, no idea who carries gems in their back pockets, maybe I should have thought that metaphor through).

The objective of the game is to shoot things. Mainly deer, buck and does (although you get points docked for killing the little kids). There is a wild boar that runs a bit quicker across the screen, but the things you have to watch out for are elk and bear. They both try and ram / bite you so if you don't take them out before they get to you, you will lose a life. The elk take only one shot, but the bear usually takes 3 (or 2 if both are critical hits). You'll be told if one of these beasties is on screen though, as you'll hear a hunting horn and have a big red arrow pointing to where they are coming from.

Graphically the game is lush with some really nice backdrops, decent waterfall effects and lighting. The sounds are not that bad either with animal calls, bird sounds and flowing water. Animation on the animals is quite good. They all have different gaits and individual styles of movement. Shooting your arrows is also nicely handled, with a decent amount of speed and perspective changes, quick enough to match the arrow effect from the Kevin Costner Robin Hood film (now I'm really showing my age).

The problem people seem to have with the game is twofold. One, the control system appears to need a while to get to grips with. But master it and it's very satisfying hitting a decent shot. Two, people complained that they can't change the view or angle of the screen. Well, it's motion sensitive, so to those people I say just swivel the device!! It's as simple as that. It may not be really quick, but it's enough for your needs and when you unlock the crossbows, you don't even have to do that as it's full touchscreen movement.

To fire an arrow you have you use two fingers on the screen. One is the height of the arrow (the angle you pull your bow back) and the other is the power of the arrow (the depth of the string when you pull your bow back). A lot of people, including me, will get frustrated when trying to hit things with the initial bow. But there are 2 other bows to unlock and 2 crossbows, so it gets much easier. Sometimes you may find yourself cursing out loud as the arrow seems to find impossible gaps between antlers and under legs to enable you to miss the target completely. But as you start to get used to the timing required (i.e. shoot earlier at targets further away or shoot ahead of them as the arrow takes a while to get to them) you will start to get a few more kills. At first, getting the required number in the timeframe seems impossible, but now, having played it loads, it's much much easier.

As mentioned, the additional bows help and it took me a while before I found the resume button!! This allows you to pick up where you left off and includes the previous points total you accumulated. It's great as it allows you to decide to save up to go for the better bow or just unlock one of the earlier ones. You have 3 attempts to clear each level (your points still count on failed attempts) and there are bonus levels too (just squirrels, flying geese etc).

Two additional things that make the game slightly more interesting are having a few bonus items on the creatures. One is a time item which slows down their run making them easier to shoot. The other will turn the screen black for 30 seconds and only have the animals lit, making them much easier to see. Both of these things are useful but not as useful as killing bears to get bonus time. You get more points also for critical shots and distance shots.

Many people dislike the game. Comments only really talk about the controls and the panning of the screen. But perservere. I did and now the game is highly addictive. I've unlocked all the weapons and the two arrow crossbow is awesome. Even if I miss the first shot, it's so quick to fire that you can let off all 10 arrows in a second or two. And no deer is gonna be able to survive that. You just need to make sure that when you spend the time reloading, you don't have a great big bear or elk charging you down.

Definitely worth checking out.