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Genre: Puzzle :: Players: 1 :: Released: 28/7/10

Monster Crush - Demolition (iPhone) Review


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Plenty of different solutions for each level


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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 5 hours
Game Progress All levels cleared on Gold

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 05/8/10

A physics game with a bang

Let me cut to the chase and get down to what this game is about. Aliens have landed, handily next to some skyscrapers and wrecking balls, and your task is to kill the aliens by placing bombs to destroy the buildings and letting the rubble strategically fall on the aliens. To be honest, most of the levels don't have anything to do with crushing monsters and it's mostly about blowing up buildings. 

The game is great fun to play but having played this on the Tube during the 7/7 anniversary I cannot help but think that some of this is in bad taste - but that just might be the old codger in me. I wouldn't advise playing this in a public place, especially if you look like Robert Reid. 

Monster Crush has 42 levels as well as Open Feint achievements so there is plenty to keep you occupied especially for the completists out there. Each level has a set target, whether it's crushing all the aliens; destroying as many bricks as possible or building a structure to roll a ball as far as you can. Each level has bronze, silver and gold awards and these gradually unlock bonus levels and cities.

A quick mention on the graphics and other fundamentals... The graphics are fairly average and there are a few sound effects; but this is a physics puzzle game and these are adequate enough. The game maintains any iPod music that's on but you cannot select tracks/playlists once the game has loaded. The touch controls work well and there is even a fat finger option which let's you zoom right in to help with bomb placement. 

For each level you are given a set amounts of bombs to play with and everything is explained in the first few training missions. Bombs can be placed on any structure and you can even vary the detonation time - up to 9 seconds. The algorithms behind the game seem very complex and the slightest change in position and timing can have a big effect on the final outcome. Naturally with a game having so many possible bomb placements there is more than one solution for each level. We've managed to get gold on all the levels (click through to our Facebook page for the screen grabs) but I reckon our solutions will be different to yours. 

After a recent update, 628 Games added a challenges section. There are no gold stars to win or achievements to unlock but your highest scores are saved on OpenFeint and you can get a true reflection of how good you are. These levels are a bit of mix; some involve large structures with plenty of bombs others will have you building structures to move a ball across a blank screen. Future updates include a level editor which you can hopefully share and play online. 

Monster Crush gave me hours of fun and frustration and that's all you can ask for from a Physics game