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Genre: Casual, Puzzle :: Players: 1 :: Released: 22/5/09

Toki Tori (iPhone) Review

Publisher: Chillingo Ltd :: Developer: Two Tribes


Game Features


Plenty of levels
Challenging gameplay


Slightly restrictive controls

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 1 hour
Game Progress Completed 1st world

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 22/5/09

Chillingo have unhatched another gem

Toki Tori has been around for a few years, first on the Gameboy Colour and more recently as WiiWare. Coming to the iPhone is really the next natural step for the game. There isn't that much groundbreaking gameplay here, it is after all an 8 year old game, but what it does, it does well.

As the fluffy yellow chicken, your task is to collect all the eggs across 80 levels spread through 4 worlds. This isn't a jump and run platform game but more of a puzzle game. Tori cant jump or fly, he is but a chicken, he can hop over small bumps and drop countless feet safely to the bottom. As you progress through the game, you will earn items and skills to help you in your journey. Such power ups include building bridges, teleporting and freezing enemies. It is a bit like Lemmings crossed with Super Yum Yum with shades of Bobby Carrot. Basically, if you like any of these games, you should like Toki Tori. You only have a certain number of power ups available in each level and very rarely will any of them be superfluous. The level design is pretty clever and some seemingly simple challenges soon turn into mammoth brain teasers but at least there's no time limit nagging at you.

The difficult bit of creating a challenging yet appealing game has been overcome. But how does it look and play. Well in the looks department, Toki Tori looks very impressive. There's a great amount of detail and some of the rendering and animation looks very slick on the small screen. The sound is ok with a slightly annoying background tune and there isn't much call for many special effects to distract.

The controls are a bit of a mixed bag. The basic controls worked fine for me. Touch where you want Tori to move to and providing there is a valid path he will find his way there (or fall down a pit if you're too ambitious). You can touch and drag to fine tune your placement and the system works really well on the touchscreen (far better than repeated presses on a mobile phone keypad). Multi touch features are also used. Press and drag two fingers to survey the level and you can pinch the screen to zoom out. My only bone of contention is that you can't control Tori in this zoomed out view. Touching on the screen returns you to the default zoom and it can make plotting a course more cumbersome than needed - however, that is hopefully an easy fix for an update.

Toki Tori harks back to the golden age of gaming when gameplay was paramount and now thanks to the power of the iDevice it even looks good too. Although the current price of $4.99/£3.49 might be a little hefty for some.