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Genre: 3D, Action, Arcade :: Players: 1 :: Released: 13/3/09

Low Grav Racer (iPhone) Review

Publisher: Cobra Mobile ::


Game Features


Amazing graphics
Plenty of tracks


Slightly difficult to control

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Apple iPhone 3G
Time Played 4 hours
Game Progress Unlocked Gamma

Costas Stephanides ’s Review

Review Date: 17/3/09

Amazing graphics and gameplay in a great low gravity racer

Here's a game that come out fairly early on the App Store and indeed has sat on our iPhone for many a month. It's about time we put our official word on the game. Excellent. There, that's all you really need to know, for a more in-depth description, keep reading.

Low Grav Racer is basically a Wipeout clone (although is it a clone if there's no official iPhone Wipeout?). The game is suitably set in a far and distant galaxy where you can compete in a tournament or just single races. As someone who was never that good at Wipeout, the controls seem suitably reminiscent. All the steering is controlled by tilting the phone left/right. The left hand side of the screen is to brake and the other side is to launch any powerups you've picked up. The controls work fairly well if not with a little understeer but then I don't use the brake so it may just be me. Anyways...

The game is graphically amazing and you do get the sense of speed that game is trying to create - even the slipstreaming works. There are three different ships on offer with the usual balance of fast/weak or slow/powerful or just the standard all-rounder. There are plenty of powerups dotted about the place (boost, shield, mines and missiles). Once a power up is collected, it will take a few seconds to respawn on the track - basically don't get stuck up someone's backside otherwise you'll never get any weapons.

Although there are only two modes, there is still plenty to unlock. There are 4 different racing grades with bigger and better engines. There are also 12 tracks (although the recent update has included a few more) that are gradually unlocked as you progress through the Tournament. The tournament is a funny beast. It's not really about winning, coming third and unlocking the next track is all that really matters. The courses generally take a few minutes to complete and while there is no map to follow, the track is well defined and there are no sneaky corners. One thing to mention is that the game will remember your tournament progress so you are free to resume the competition whenever you next load up the game.

Low Grav Racer is one of the defining moments in the App Store's early life. If a game of this graphical quality can be released so early on, here's looking forward to the sequel.