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Genre: Puzzle :: Players: 1 :: Released: 03/11/08

Treasure Arm Review

Publisher: I-Play :: Developer: Tequila Mobile


Game Features


Very different gameplay


Controls are confusing

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Review Details
Handset Nokia N81 8Gb
Time Played 2 hours
Game Progress Level 33

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 04/11/08

Here's a game that'll put your head in a spin.

The closest real life experience to Treasure Arm is using a mechanical earth digger. You will have one joystick to move the arm side to side and another lever to pivot the arm up and down (and another for even more pivoting movement). Unsurprisingly, it's not easy and requires hours of practice. Luckily, the digging site will be bereft of obstacles and the ground is always there to give you a reference point.

Now, imagine a suspended digger arm where you can rotate all the way round and the elbow joint can also spin all the way round. This is the Treasure Arm. The aim is to spin your arm round and pick up a key using the magnet at the end of your arm. Once you have the key, manoeuvre your arm to put the key near the lock to complete the level. All sounds dandy doesn't it.

The controls here are devilishly simple yet awkward. Left and right rotates the main arm around. Up and down rotates the 'forearm' via its dislocated elbow joint. All this freedom of movement actually causes a few problems in figuring out which way is up for the arm to move (a multi coloured arm might have helped rather than a plain grey one).

To compond the misery challenge, the arcade mode has both time and energy limits. Moving your arm around expends electricity and frugal use of movement is required in later levels. To give you a hand, there are a few power ups available including limited indestructible, energy boosts and extra time. The only thing is figuring out how to pick these up without causing unneccesary damage. The levels also have obstacles and mines with obvious consequences.

As you may have guessed, this is a difficult game but with only 40 levels we would have berated it if it was too easy. At the end of each level your remaining time and energy are converted into credits. These credits can be used in-game to buy extra power ups and even a backdoor to the next level. There's also a high score function based on how quickly you completed the arcade mode. The game will warrant at least a second and third replay as you eventually master the control system.

If you get stuck on the puzzling main mode, there is also Survival and Time Attack. These are continuous levels where new locks and keys spawn once the previous set are used. There's no time limit in survival but energy is still a problem and collecting the energy bonuses is more important than ever. Both modes have 3 difficulty settings (ranging from no obstacles to plenty of them which move) where to offer a bit of variety.

Treasure Arm was one of the winners of last year's IMGA awards. We have to admit that it's one of the more novel games we've come across