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Genre: Movie/TV based, Shoot em up :: Players: 1 :: Released: 23/2/06

Battlestar Galactica Review


Game Features


Fly a Viper!
Each mission is self contained
Nice graphics


Enemy fire is hard to see!
Game is tough to complete
No sound in game

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6680

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 26/2/06

A cool looking shoot em up based on the hit TV series. Fun to play but quite hard and definitely worth checking out if you like the genre.

Ok, let me get a quick gripe out of the way. There are two groups of Battlestar Galactica fans, the ones who love the new series and think it's superb television. Then there are the others who adore the original and while they think the new series is good, feel the producers should have left well enough alone. I fall into the latter character I'm afraid and how they can make Starbuck and Boomer women is beyond me (there were a lot of strong female characters already in the original!). Ok, enough about that and onto the game.

Graphically the game looks quite decent. Nice intro screen and in game the 2D graphics are pretty similar to the ships you may know and love. The design of the Viper was always nigh on aesthetic perfection and it does look nice on the small mobile screen. The Cylon ships haven't quite got as much detail and the same can be said for the backgrounds. The animation is nice and smooth and on the forward flying missions, controlling the viper is great fun as it banks the way I remember. One little niggle is the enemy fire is small and often hard to see so sometimes you get hit and then wonder what the hell hit you. If it was a bright blue instead of a dull reddy / purple you would be able to see it much better.

The sound is ok, you get a decent tune when you load the game up and I must admit I haven't seen enough of the new series (I always seem to catch the show in the middle) to know if it's a faithful recreation. This music is pretty good and definitely atmospheric it's just a shame that you can't hear anything in the game. Maybe you can on other phones but on mine there were no sounds of laser fire, cylon ships or even the famous cylon helmet sound when you loaded the levels. For a series rich in recognisable sound effects, there wasn't much going on.

The controls are simple in design but a little tricky on the phone. The D or key pad moves you around so you can use any key but 5 to move the ship in 8 directions. Unfortunately the phone pad only moves in 4 directions which is a shame. The main button or 5 will fire and only when there are enemy ships on the screen will it autofire. This is a shame as sometimes it takes a second or two for the autofire to kick in which can lead to some evasive manoeuvers being required. There are other flying levels where you fly the ship and control the thrust. Again the main button or 5 will fire. 2 or forwards will accelerate and left and right (4 and 6) will rotate the ship. If you pick up additional speed icons then press * to use a fast burst of speed. The are straightforward enough but I found the controls a little tricky to master on my phone.

The playability is good, but the game is actually quite hard! I'm not a shoot em up specialist but I found it tricky right from the word go. The enemy fire is hard to see and there are a lot of them at times. There aren't too many power ups although there are some dotted around the game and your ship can easily take a battering pretty quickly. On the thrust levels there is a lot going on in the screen so close control is essential, but still, it's easy to thrust the wrong way into a cluster of asteroids or cylon ships. Having said that the game is fun to play and each level has a primary and secondary objective. You start the next level with no power ups so it's not one of those shoot em up games you have to complete in a certain number of credits. You can continue from where you left off and have a certain number of lives so you may well find yourself replaying levels a few times to get an idea for where the enemies are. The two objectives make the game interesting (I missed out on the secondary objective for the first level by 1 ship!! Aarrgh!) and there is a continuing 'ish' plot as you go along. If you like shoot em up games and are pretty good this is worth you playing. I, on the other hand, had to even play the early levels a few times over to clock them.

The lastability is ok but maybe not as good as the playability. As I mentioned, there are plenty of levels and primary and secondary objectives. Plus you start each level at normal power so you have to get those power ups pretty quickly on each level. This means you don't have to be a shoot em up genius to get through the game but you do have to be prepared to play a level over again to get used to it. The game saves progress so you can continue where you left off but other than that it's a fairly solidly put together shoot em up with the added bonus of being based on the TV series.

Worth a look if you love shoot em ups or if you have ever wanted to pilot a Viper (the closes you're gonna get).