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Genre: Action :: Players: 1 :: Released: 10/8/05

Fantastic Four Review

Developer: Mforma


Game Features


Cool comic book theme throughout
Nice animation for Mr Fantastic


Very quick to finish

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides ’s Review

Review Date: 11/8/05

Marvel do it again

I've been a fan of the Fantastic Four for many years and was very glad to see the film. As expected, the themed games aren't too far away. By all accounts the big console games are supposed to be amazing (Mr C is not allowed to play his PS2 anymore :) Ed), so how does the mobile version measure up.

Obviously, the graphics of a mobile will never compare with a PS2. The developers have opted for a very basic graphical style in an attempt to emulate the early comics. There is not much variety in colours and some of the characters are kind of blocky (and I don??t just mean The Thing). In between missions, there is a comic book style scene which is quite cool. However, mobile phones are capable of producing decent graphics and its shame the developers didn??t try to push the boundaries a little rather than let the big consoles take all the glory. On the flip side the game does play quickly (with the sound off) and the comic style graphics may appeal to some. The sound however is pretty naff. There is a little intro tune and special effects when you attack but it causes the game to slowdown. You are much better off not bothering with the sound.

In the game, you get to control each member of Fantastic 4 through 13 levels (you play as a specific character on each level). You might think that the controls would be complicated. Luckily the controls are the same for all the characters. Movement is achieved via the D-pad, 1 blocks and 5 attacks. What is quite nice is the fact that you can attack while crouching or jumping. Each character has slightly different attacks; Johnny Storm is permanently flamed and can launch fireballs but the best attacks come from Reed Richards. He has all sorts of stretchy punches and kicks, my favourite is the huge uppercut where his arm is the size of a fridge. You can collect blue power crystals to build up your special attack bar. To activate you must press the left soft key followed quickly by 5. Johnny will turn Supernova, Sue becomes invisible while Ben becomes invincible. Reed turns into a human bouncy wheel and there is a whole level dedicated to using this special move. Check out the hints on the forum for more details. The special abilities last for a short time but you can replenish the bar with more crystals

Although there are 13 levels, the game should not take too long to complete especially on easy. The majority of the levels are time based or complete when you destroyed a set number of robots. When you finish the game you are given a cheat code for infinite cosmic energy that you can use on either the PS2, Xbox or Game Cube versions of the game. There are three difficulty settings and you get the same code for completing on any setting. It would have been nice if the cheats were more rewarding depending on the difficulty setting ?? maybe next time. Once you have completed, there is not a huge amount of replay value. If you are buying it for the cheat, then play it on easy and finish as soon as you can. If you want to play because you just love all things F4, then play on medium or hard to make the enjoyment last a bit longer.

Fantastic Four is not bad and if you??ve got a couple of quid change from the popcorn its just about worth a look.