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Genre: Cards, Casino :: Players: 3+ :: Released: 18/7/05

Badaz Poker Review

Developer: watAgame


Game Features


Full community features including tournaments
Online/Offline modes


No helpful sound effects

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Review Details
Handset Nokia 6600

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 14/8/05

Community Poker from watAgame

watAgame are famous for their Era of Eidolon series. They have taken their online battle hungry community to the gambling den of Badaz. In this installment the game of choice is Poker (Texas hold 'em style - does anyone play anything else anymore).

In an advancement from their previous games, you can play offline against the AI from one of three difficulty levels. This is a fast, free and easy way to practice.

There's a couple of things to mention, there is a raising limit and the number of players is limited to a maximum of four per table. That's the rules, if you don't like it don't play it. The betting limit does actually work well and ensures that indiviudal rounds do not drag on as people keep raising all the time. Similarly the small table makes game proceed at a decent pace and you should not get too bored while you wait for the 9th player to make up his mind.

In card games, the graphics are actually very important. As the number of players is small, the maximum number of cards that will be displayed at any one time is 13. This allows the developers to have fairly large, legible cards and there is no need for any scrolling tables. There is also plenty of room for the details about your bets and pot money etc. I wasn't overly impressed with the arrangement of cards in the centre. I did find myself double checking the numbers and suits. 'Your' cards are appropriately displayed and very easy to read. As you would expect from an Era of Eidolon game the town map is beautifully drawn. As an added feature you can even download wallpapers, if you win enough gold, of all the beautiful goblins?!

Along with the graphics, watAgame has always produced good sound. They have not disappointed in Badaz Poker. There yet another atmospheric tune that loops in the background and you can even control the volume. What is missing are some beeps or any effects in game. When you are playing an online game such as poker, where there is a long pause between your moves, a little reminder or wake up call would be nice or something to help follow the action when one of the other players has raised/folded. You must be fairly eagle-eyed to follow what everyone is doing.

Moving to the actual game itself, standard Texas Hold 'em rules apply. I doubt there's many people left who have not played or watched some form of Texas Hold 'em. I wont go into the rules but they are well explained in the help section (just go and find the drunkard on the map). If you have bought previous watAgame products and login with your ID, then the amassed gold from previous Eidolon games will be loaded up as your pot. Every gold piece is worth 10 silver pieces. Even if you have a long losing streak it shouldn't affect you too much. You can select the options (call, raise & fold) using the D-pad or the shortcut buttons shown on screen. If you fold early in the game, there is an option to play snake to pass the time while the other win your money.

As online poker games go, the basics are as good as anything else. The gameplay seems pretty fast and they must have altered the network settingd to get veything very well synchronised. There is very little waiting time during the hands. The best part to this game is getting revenge on the git who beat you in Dagonar or Orumant. It doesn't matter what level you are in Badaz, everybody is equal on the card table.