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SPORE Origins mobile game review by Mobile Game Faqs

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Genre: Casual, Sim :: Players: 1 :: Released: 19/9/08

SPORE Origins Review

Developer: EA Mobile


Game Features


Easy to use network play
Thousands of possibilities


Cannot erase spore progress

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Nokia N81 8Gb
Time Played 3 hours
Game Progress 3 spores created
Other EA username: COSTAp

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 19/9/08

More than 57 varieties in this primordial soup

The jury is still out on whether Spore is any good on the PC. When a game costs £40, you're going to want to make sure that it's worth the money. Luckily, mobile game games are a lot cheaper and you cannot go wrong for a few quid.

Spore Origins is the mobile's take on the earlier stages of Spore PC. There are two main parts to the game, evolution and arena mode (there is also a little mini game with shades of Snake that EA have tacked in). Evolution lets you take a very simple creature from the primordial soup and nurture them until they escape to the sandy coast. Evolution is spread across 18 levels where only the fittest survival in what is essentially a pretty simple casual game. The overhead view lets you easily control your cellular blob around the borderless levels. It's a blob eat blob world where you try and eat those smaller than you and avoid the large ones. Pressing 5 will home in on any nearby food and you can get some combo action. As you eat away, your DNA evolution bar will fill and the level is complete once this bar is full. If you manage a few combos and avoid damage for a while, you will grow which will let you eat a few bigger creatures and take your revenge.

Spore is all about creating your own creature and after every few levels you get the chance to play God and dictate its shape, colour and more importantly its characteristics. Offense, defence, movement and perception are the categories where you can 'upgrade' your creature. You are free to choose whether you want it to have tails, spikes, armour plating or eyes. You can also choose where and how many of these features you can have. The creature is split into 3 sections (head, middle and tail) and if you want you can cover each in eyes. How you mould your creature will affect your creature's chances of success. Once you've confirmed the changes, there's no way to go back and change the upgrades. There are 18 levels in total and thousands of different creature possibilities. Unlike real life, your creature cannot really become extinct. If you lose the level, the game will simply reload the level and you have to try again. On the whole, this part of the game is pretty easy but the last level can be a little tricky if you have a weak but exotic creature. There doesn't seem to be a way to erase your progress so you may find yourself battling the last level a few times more than you might like.

Once you manage to complete the evolutionary process, your spore is saved and you can battle other spores in the arena. This is where Origins and your spore come to life. Once you’ve created an EA account (very simple through the mobile and it actually worked), you can start battling other spores that people have created. All the spores are saved on EA’s servers so you both don’t need to be online at the same time. There shouldn’t be any annoying timeouts that always hamper online battles. The arena pits the two spores against each other without any control from you. Your spore will automatically try to attack and dodge its way to victory. Small creatures can be eaten to regain health. The survival tactics employed all depend on how you have created your spore. Spore Origins allows you to create as many different spores as possible but you do have to play through all 18 levels for each one. You are free to create the most aggressive or docile spore you can imagine and take them to the arena and see how they perform. There isn’t much of a community to the online section although there is a friends list and ranking system.

While Spore PC may have its doubters, Origins is a great way to understand the concept of this Polygod game and might help swing a few sceptics around.