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Genre: Action :: Players: 2 :: Released: 11/10/06

Islands: Missle Invasion Review

Developer: Lunagames


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A Bluetooth game that is actually good!


Sound could be better

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Review Details
Handset Nokia N70

Costas Stephanides’s Review

Review Date: 11/10/06

An engaging mix of strategy and Battleships

I'm not too sure how Battleships clones have suddenly started to sprout up in mobile games but there is definitely a few out there. Islands Missle Invasion by Lunagames is different and takes the Battleship idea to the next level.

Apart from taking the battle from the water to the islands, you have to build your base and weapons before you can attack the opponent. There is a little bit of Command & Conquer to this. Different weapons need different buildings (or a combination of buildings) and they all take various turns before they are built. They also need power, one of the first things you should build is a power plant or two. This is a turn based game and in each turn, you can construct one building on your island and then start attacking the enemy island. You keep building and attacking until someone destroys 10 units.

This may sound dull, but I was hooked within seconds of playing the game. It was one of those experiences where you can only put the game down when it's time to find your mobile charger. This is a game that is all about anticipation. You slowly build your base and take a few pot shots at the enemy and hope to get some early strikes while also praying for a lack of aim on their part.

The graphics are as good as you can expect for such a simple game with some animation for the weapons. The sound is a little disappointing with not really enough effects. All the weapons sound the same and there must have been enough resources to differentiate between a missle and an air raid especially as there is no background music. Despite this it is still a great game (mainly down to the gameplay). There are ten different islands in Campaign mode to battle on, each of various terrain and size. The islands have grids allocated to them and you can choose which grids to build on and which of your enemy's grids to attack. The beauty of the game is how it concentrates on the positive aspects. There is no farming or resource finding that you get in standard base building games. The battleships action is improved by using big weapons which can take out big portions of the map in one go. The game captures the essence of base building with the action of Battleships.