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Genre: Platform :: Players: 1 :: Released: 20/9/06

Bubble Bobble Review

Publisher: Kaasa :: Developer: Kaasa


Game Features


Exactly like the original
Loads of levels and you can start where you left off!


Where's Bobble?

Save Option
Bus/Tube Friendly
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Review Details
Handset Sony-Ericsson K600

Anannya Sen’s Review

Review Date: 29/9/06

Wow, this is a definite blast from the past!

I remember it so clearly, the slighltly smoky arcade, fumbling with the 10ps and then being mesmerised as I began to play a game that I'd never seen before. But that was then and this is now, or is it?

All the feelings of nostalgia came flooding back to me when I loaded up the Bubble Bobble game on my phone. Sure, you can get it to play on your PC but I carry my phone around with me and am always itching to have a go.

For those still in their prime, Bubble Bobble is the mobile version of the Taito classic where as Bubble (where's Bobble, I'm sure the game was two player before) you have to rescue your girlfriend. It's a basic platform game like the Mario series, but you have an offensive weapon against the monsters, you can shoot bubbles at them to trap them inside! Then pop the bubbles to get rid of them and pick up some points!

The graphics are spot on and although they may not look amazing by today's standards, they are exactly the same as the original which is how I like it. The black backgrounds make the colours in the characters stand out and make you realise what a colourful game this was. The detail on Bubble is nice as it the music which is exactly like the original, including the music getting faster as your time runs out.

Controls are simple, the game is perfect for a mobile. Use the D or key pad to move around and the main button to fire your bubbles. That's about it!

The game plays exactly like the original and is a good example of how a simple concept done well can be brilliant. It's really well suited to mobiles as you can have a quick play if you want and there are plenty of levels. All the old power ups and collectables are there, including the water stream, lightning bolts and flames! You can get extra lives and the game definitely gets tougher as you progress. I'm not sure if the secret rooms were there as I never got that far without losing a life, but even if they aren't this is still a great game.

One for everyone, the classic enthusiasts will be grinning with nostalgia when they play this and the new gamers can see what made the old games so great!