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Bored of work? Play Office Wars

Story added: 15 Mar 2007 23:13

Clicking on may result in the boss being told a few home truths - definitely NSFW

Office Wars is a funny office-based sim which takes place in a seafood company populated by employees that should have never met.

Choose from 4 sarcastic employees to play with. Each of them has their own scenario and agenda for succeeding within the company.

The boss
Buck: born with a cigar in his mouth, his first word was "money". He will do anything to raise the company profits.

The trainee
Bob: Basically a lazy bum that gets down to funky music, he uses inside info to do nothing and avoid working.

The secretary
Mary: She puts men into two categories: obstacles and springboards. She eliminates the first and manipulates the second to charm her way to the top of the ladder.

The union activist
Jeremy: A hippy since the age of 12, nowadays he is the union representative for the office and fights against the persecution of seafood everywhere!

With 44 missions and 2 different mini-games, increase your reputation within the firm and reach your ultimate goal: take control of the company.

Office wars brings a new dimension to life -based sim games with an hilarious dialogue, bringing those all too well known office situations directly to your mobile. Now you can finally do what you always wanted to do in real life.

So get ready to use all you have in order to gain the respect of your colleagues. We mean it, ALL you have, show no pity!

Reporting by Costas Stephanides (Editor)

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