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Mobile Gaming News

Call of Duty 3 Free Demo

Story added: 06 Nov 2006 20:50. Last updated: 06 Nov 2006 21:03.

Hands On Mobile are letting people download a free demo version of Call of Duty 3 for their mobile.

It's time to spread the news to the masses about the wonder of mobile games. Call of Duty 3 is due to be launched on the consoles by the end of the week and no doubt the mobile version will be out next week.

We reviewed the mobile game a couple of weeks ago and there's more than enough army action to shake a grenade stick at.

You play as an ordinary squad member who has to work with his team-mates in order to complete the mission. You and your squad must use the full range of weaponry available to complete missions. For example, you may be called upon to use a sniper rifle to clear a path for another soldier or another squad member may use grenades to flush out enemies you then target with a machine gun.

The demo will provide users with a part of the first level and this will be available for unlimited game plays.

The demo itself costs nothing although there will probably be a small download charge from your operator (only 20 pence or so). If you've stumbled across this page wondering what all the fuss about mobile games is about then text

DUTY1 DEMO to 80208

to get your hands on the demo. If you are fully aware of the greatness that is mobile gaming then I'm sure you have already sent the short code and are downloading the game as we speak.

Reporting by Costas Stephanides (Editor)

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