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PapayaMobile Releases Pet Paradise, Announces It Will Stop Publishing Games and Focus Completely On Mobile Social Network Expansion

Story added: 23 May 2011 10:13

Pet Paradise Available Now on Android Market, Open Source Code for Back Catalog Games Available to Developers

PapayaMobile (, the leading games social networking service on Android with over 15 million unique active users, today announced that its latest mobile social game, Pet Paradise, is now available for Android devices. The full-featured title is immediately available for free download on the Android Market, and joins PapayaMobiles successful library of freemium games. Pet Paradise is the last game to be developed and published internally by PapayaMobile. The company now plans to entirely focus on providing developers with the tools and services to more effectively drive user engagement, distribution and monetization of games, as well as making it easier for developers to create games by open sourcing Papaya Game Engine code from its back catalogue of titles.

PapayaMobile is further opening the door to aspiring game creators by introducing the Collective-Social initiative, a new company charter that will give developers access to Papaya Game Engine source code used in creating several of Papayas back catalog of games. With access to open source code, along with PapayaMobiles existing Papaya Game Engine, Social SDK and Offer SDK, developers on Android have the tools they need to build high quality mobile social gaming experiences from the ground up. As further updates are released for each of PapayaMobiles products, PapayaMobile may also create sample apps that showcase new features and immediately open source them in order to educate the developer community on these new tools.

As part of our initial launch strategy, one of our key objectives was to develop games to catalyze the growth of our social networking service and fine tune the interaction between social games and the underlying social network, said Si Shen, Co-Founder and CEO of PapayaMobile. Now, having more than 15 million users and over 350 games running on our platform, we have met these objectives and the focus will be 100% directed at helping developers maximize ROI for their titles.

We have heard repeatedly from the developer community that it is critical for a platform to remain neutral, said Paul Chen, Head of Business Development at PapayaMobile. As soon as a social network begins publishing its own games, there will inevitably be conflicts of interest on activities like driving traffic and network promotions. We do not want to place our developers in a position in which traffic from their games are being forcefully redirected to games we publish ourselves. That does not place our developers best interest at heart.
For more information about PapayaMobile, please visit:

Reporting by Costas Stephanides (Editor)

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