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Mobile Gaming News

New Snowboarding game on the App Store

Story added: 16 Jun 2009 09:55. Last updated: 16 Jun 2009 21:56.

Mobile games developer TiltnTwist announced today Snowboarding TNT is now available on the AppStore for $1.99.

Snowboarding TNT is a fast-moving sports challenge that requires players to tilt and twist their handsets to control the downhill action and avoid obstacles – no need to bother hassling with tiny buttons to control game action.

Players can become a male or female ‘boarder, and can pick the language of their choice among English, Spanish, French, Italian, or German. They enjoy six downhill courses starting with Easy Street and Bunny Slope, and increasing in difficulty as they slide through Turtle Run, Quickdraw, The Chute, and Holy Moses.

The “fun factor” in Snowboarding TNT is immediate and unrelenting as gamers are required to do lots of things simultaneously – control downhill maneuvers and speed, avoid crashing into trees and smashing into huge rocks (Wipeout!), maneuver through narrow tunnels with hanging ice cycles, and slice through strategically placed course gates – while performing over 30 cool jumps and airborne tricks en route to the finish line and a mob of cheering fans.

Players gain points as they successfully complete jumps, tricks, and race against the clock. High scores can be posted on the scoreboard, encouraging friendly competitions with board buddies and family members.

TiltnTwist’s Snowboarding TNT, DropZone, and DUI: The Long Drive Home, developed by Super Happy Fun Fun ( and HyperHamster (developed by OneNine Studios at are available on all major carriers in the U.S.

Reporting by Costas Stephanides (Editor)

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