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Can you lick it? Yes you can! And now for FREE!

Story added: 20 Jul 2005 08:57. Last updated: 20 Jul 2005 10:31.

As "Super Yum Yum" launches in the US, China and Korea the game's creators AirPlay are celebrating by giving away a full 1 World Demo of fruit licking action to anyone who visits the Super Yum Yum website at

Previously nominated for a BAFTA for Best Mobile Game "Super Yum Yum" and it??s star Leon the Chameleon are still receiving press attention and the game was recently reviewed on the Jetix Channel (previously Fox Kids) where it received 8/10 by PXG's female presenter who said "This excellent phone game makes you use your noodle and funny lizard noises make game-girl giggle".

It also recently received the highest accolade of the "Ice Cold Award" from with a staggering score of 95%. Chief Editor Anannya Sen said of Super Yum Yum "Right up there with the best of them. The playability of the game is fantastic. It's a great puzzle game with a great idea. The game is so much fun to play. A must have for anyone who likes puzzle games."

The Free Demo was given an early pre-release by the popular website where it has quickly entered the top 10 for almost every handset available and is quickly moving up the charts.

Since the game's initial release across Europe downloadable level packs have been added to the latest version helping to satisfy Leon's hungry fans who are eager for more fruit munching action.

In addition to the new territories the game is also available to buy via the AirPlay and Coyote Wireless websites.

Can you lick it? Yes you can!

Super Yum Yum was developed by AirPlay UK Ltd and co-published by Coyote Wireless.

About AirPlay:

AirPlay UK Ltd. is an ambitious independent games company focused on creating accessible mobile games with the high production values that are so often neglected in mobile titles.

AirPlay UK has now been in business for over 2 years and believe in striking a careful balance between the creation and promotion of our original IP as well as working for select companies developing licensed games with twist of our own.

Originality and characterisation are key values in our philosophy and in our aim to develop new and exciting IP with which to drive mobile gaming forward. We do not rely on remaking new versions of old gameplay but aim to innovate through fresh ideas and through the new opportunities that mobile devices open up.

AirPlay's original members have a strong game development background and have worked on many critically acclaimed and commercially successful titles before ultimately specialising in the mobile arena. Previous work includes the hits:
FIFA World Cup 2002 - PC, PS2 and NGC
TOCA: World Touring Cars - Playstation

Further, AirPlay was nominated for the ??New UK Studio (debut title)?? in the 2004 ??Develop Awards?? and is a member of TIGA the Independent Game Developers Association.

AirPlay is 100% self-owned.

About Coyote Wireless:

Coyote was started in 1998 by 3 industry veterans wanting to take more control over their work.

The three directors came from Probe Entertainment and were famous for being designer, programmer and artist on two of the most phenomenal selling games of their time, Die Hard Trilogy (over 6 million copies to date) and Alien Trilogy (over 4.5 millions copies to date).

Over the Coyote years, the company has worked on most of the consoles: from GameBoy to Xbox. Coyote has built a good reputation in the industry for delivering high quality games on time and has bolstered the company portfolio with such titles as:

Gathering/Take2??s Vietcong (PS2/Xbox)
Lego??s Bionicle: Makuta??s Revenge (NGC)
Namco??s I-Ninja (NGC/GBA)
Fox/Vivendi??s Die Hard Vendetta (PS2)
Virgin??s European Super League (DC/PSX/PC)
Capcom??s Street Fighter Alpha 3 (GBA)

Coyote manages and works on multiple projects for multiple clients.

Coyote remains 100% self-owned and self-funded with work for hire.

Reporting by Costas Stephanides (Editor)

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