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Game of the Year Award

This is it. The biggie. The one coveted award that we grant but once a year to a game which is so exceptional that we have to applaud it. A game that the developers should stand back and take a bow for. A game that has really pushed the envelope or made a breakthrough or is just so plain addictive that it should come with a government health warning. But enough of the suspense let's get onto the finalists.


Freestyle Motocross II

Many people overlooked this game as they felt it was too hard, but I spent a good month being amazed and frustrated by this game. A near perfect sequel, the same unbelievable physics engine is there and there are tons more courses and also upgrades. It's not one for the faint hearted as you will have to master the controls, but if you're already a master you will be playing this game again and again and again just to get that gold. Click here for the review.

Galaxy on Fire

Well, right from the loading screen you can see why this game is so special. When you play it you can barely believe you're playing on a mobile and the controls allow you to turn your ship on a sixpence. Plus the game is unbelievably huge, well over 100 hours. And you don't get that in some console games!! Click here for the review.

Magnetic Joe

Sometimes a game just comes together and this is a prime example. There are some elements of other games in here but there's just enough originality to show through. And the game is incredibly simple but incredibly fun to play. One of those where you will almost get it right time and time again but you will keep playing as you were so close and the levels are pretty short. A game for everyone. Click here for the review.

Playman World Soccer

A game which really had us arguing over whose turn it was to review it, the control method was genius and allowed sumptuous passing, dribbling and shooting! The aftertouch looked great and who can forget the Voodoo! It put the beautiful back into the beautiful game. Click here for the review.

Turbo Camels: Circus Extreme

One of the most original titles of the year. Who would have thought that firing a camel out of a cannon would be so addictive. The different collectable trophies created a game with huge bragging rights that would always see you come back for another attempt to get the gold. Click here for the review.

And the Winner...

Game of the Year

Galaxy on Fire

As someone once said, "there can be only one" and so we had to select this as our favourite game of 2006. It didn't just push the envelope, it blew a hole through it so large that you can see right into the next decade. It has now set the standard in mobile gaming and it's up to everyone else to keep up. The graphics, sound, gameplay and controls all come together perfectly. Oh, and did we mention it's got over 100 hours gameplay? We did? Well, it doesn't hurt to mention it again.

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