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Best Sound Award

A category that we have been promoting since we began, it seems others are jumping on the bandwagon and talking about the importance of sound in mobile games. We are seeing better and better sound and people are no longer caring about others hearing (or at least they are using headphones now). The developers are slowly starting to take notice apart from Rovio games who have always had great sound, hence they make up a lot of our finalists. Our winner may surprise you though!


Darkest Fear 3: Nightmare

More quality music in the final instalment of the atmospheric trilogy. A definite added dimension. Click here for the review.

Darkest Fear 2: Grim Oak

Great sequel to the classic original, the music makes the game so much better. Click here for the review.

Lemmings Return

Just what we were hoping for in the sequel. The original music from 15 or so years ago comes back in all its polyphonic glory. Click here for the review.

Wolf Moon

Eerie music added to the drama and suspense of trying to stop your character from turning into a werewolf and eating chickens in the night. Click here for the review.

And the Winner...

Best Sound

Lemmings Return

A surprise winner this year with Rovio just being edged out (they did make up all the other finalists after all) by some absolutely sterling polyphonic renditions of the original Lemmings score. Ahhh...the memories.

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