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Special Mention Award

This award category just seems to get bigger and bigger as more games come out that we really like for one reason or another but they just don't fit into our overall awards. We still feel that they make the grade so we are being a little selfish and listing some unique games that we really like. They are from large and small developers, we just hope you like them too.


Get Rich or Die Trying

Jamaican Discsta with style, this was a great game where you had to get your career of the ground and your respect into stratospheric levels. The wealth of options and unique gameplay made this really stand out when we reviewed it. Click here for the review.

Broken Sword: Shadow of Templars

The best Windows Mobile game we played this year by far. The graphics and sound were exactly how we remembered back in the days of Windows 95. Still as fresh and as funny 10 years later. Click here for the review.


Best of breed goes to Dogz. It didn't try to match Nintendogs for graphics but it was an enjoyable mix of pet care and mini games with a decent control system.

The Incredible Hulk: Rampage

A really great version of a comic book game on a mobile, this was brilliantly made. With special moves, comic book graphics, great longevity, and of course, Hulk Smash! Click here for the review. Click here for the review.

Leon & Diamond

This one is definitely a grower. The simple idea and controls made for a great time killer. We are still playing it now! Click here for the review.


If there was an award for funniest game, Porn Manager would definitely be up there. Buy your starlets toys and teach them new tricks to help you put the wood in Hollywood. Click here for the review.

Star Wars: Battle Above Coruscant

For some reason I really loved this game as while the graphics weren't amazing, the music and the gameplay really hooked me. The power ups were great, and the backgrounds were stunning but took a little getting used to. Plus you needed jedi reflexes to progress in the game but this is what I loved about it. Click here for the review.


An incredibly simple and incredibly addictive game, this almost never made it out of the gate. After a few quick goes I was about to give up but I'm so glad that I didn't because it's genius. It's like playing a battle from Final Fantasy or D&D on your phone with stats and special attacks. But there are teams to unlock and brilliant tactical gameplay. Click here for the review.


The first real time strategy game on a mobile, this makes the cut just for that honour. It looked great too and had a wealth of options, it's a shame that the AI was so powerful it would have taken over and ruled the Matrix. Click here for the review.

And the Winner...

Special Mention


Don't take our word for it, the game is soon to be re-released onto your phones with Windows Mobile. But if you don't have that, then try out this standard version, unique in its approach and graphics as we haven't seen anything this simple yet this good on a mobile. So good that it was almost bad!

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